How to make a snowflake out of wine corks

A snowflake with wine corks is a decorative object that can be enjoyed at Christmas and all winter. This simple craft is inexpensive and can be done in an afternoon, and accompanied by the smallest of the house.

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The project is quite simple, we will start by collecting 9 wine corks. If you don’t drink, ask any bar or restaurant in the neighborhood or ask a family member or neighbor, it probably won’t take much work to get you.

Snowflake with wine corks

Cut each cork down the middle using a machine or handsaw. You can also do this with a knife if you don’t have tools at home šŸ˜‰

snowflake with wine corks (6)

Use a hot glue gun to glue the caps to each other, using the pattern shown below, being careful not to glue the cap in the middle of the star.

snowflake with wine corks (3)

Then a circle is formed, and when the glue is dry, the central piece of cork is removed.

snowflake with wine corks (4)

Form the snowflake by gluing the remaining pieces of cork together.

Snowflake with wine corks (1)

Use a drill or some other tool to make a hole in the piece that will carry a ribbon or string so that the ass can be hung up.

It is advisable to do this step before gluing parts. After making my first snowflake, I found it to be a lot easier this way.

snowflake with wine corks (7)

Use a brush to apply the glue where we will put silver glitter.

Suggestion – Work on paper so you can take advantage of the excess glitter from the other pieces.

Snowflake with wine corks (10)

Thread the golden cord to hang the ornament, tie a knot so that it cannot come off.

snowflake with wine corks (8)

Glue the gold ribbon around the snowflake to decorate the edge.

snowflake with wine corks (5)

Now you can hang the snowflake on the Christmas tree for everyone to admire.

snowflake with wine corks (2)

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