How to make a swimming pool with paddles

A few days ago, a German named Torben Jung shared his summer project on Facebook. A large pallet pool, which has gone viral in a very short time viral all over the world. To make this cold water pool, you will need 10 pallets and an investment of around 70 euros.

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How to make a swimming pool with 10 pallets
How to make a swimming pool with 10 pallets1

I know, you already dream of swimming in a swimming pool made by yourself. To build it, he took advantage of the materials he already had at home. We are talking about old pallets that you can have or get easily and for free. You will also need a waterproof tarp as a base for the pool liner. Its author added a wooden shelf around the entire perimeter as a supplement.

As you can see in the photos, he assembled a round structure connecting the pallets vertically. There are many ways to do this, but you used straps with adjustable closures, so that you can leave the structure very stable.

How to make a swimming pool with 10 pallets2

Once we have made the structure stable, we will place the waterproof canvas and adjust it to the top edge of the pallets.

How to make a swimming pool with 10 pallets3

According to Jung, this whole project only cost him 70 euros, which is not too much for an entire swimming pool.

For super DIY enthusiasts, you can close the pool with any material so that the structure of the pallet is not visible.

How to make a swimming pool with 10 pallets4

When finished, you can also consider heating the water with this homemade solar pool heater. It is advisable to have a purification station so that the water lasts throughout the bathing season. You can find used parts very inexpensively.

Here is an even simpler project to make a home swimming pool this time using straw bales you will need more space:

How to build a swimming pool with straw bales

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