Today we will teach you how to make a table. In fact, we will teach you how to make a wooden table, foldable and with pallets. In other words, three tables. Simple designs affordable for everyone and ideal for seasons with lots of free time.

Thus, we have chosen three types of projects: an outdoor table made of pallets, nail folding table designed for indoor use and a wooden table, in general, the use of which will depend on the type of materials you choose. I said we show you how to make a wooden table, foldable and with pallets

How to make a wooden table step by step

Before embarking on the adventure of how to make a wooden table step by step, there are several important points to pay attention to in this DIY exercise at home.

Type of material and function of the table

The first thing is to know what kind of material will we use make our wooden table and how we will join the parts that compose it, as well as the function that the table will have. And it’s not the same to make a table for the living room, which many people use daily, as a table for the terrace, which is only used in summer.

In the case of the first, the the material must be robust and resistant, while in the second case, some pallets to make the outdoor table. In fact, for those who dare, you can even make your own pallets. It’s much easier than it looks. Regarding the folding, the only one that remains to be mentioned, we would opt for more delicate and beautiful material.

Simple projects

If this is your first time stepping into the amazing world of DIY, start slowly and with simple projects. Whether you can make a wooden table, foldable and with pallets but of elementary difficulty. You will have time to level up later. If you don’t and demand more of yourself than your ability allows, you might get frustrated and be halfway there. This is not the idea.

How to make a wooden table

That said, we start from the table which, a priori, will have more performance and more use. We start to learn how to make a wooden table step by step

  • Sketch – The first step is to create a sketch. With all the measurements, not just the pieces of wood but also those of assembly. In case it is for a specific space, first, we will take the measurement of said space. This step is the most important of how to make a table.
  • Wood type – Then we will choose the type of wood that suits us best. It will depend on where you want the table (outside or inside), as well as the function you are going to give to the table.
  • Wood cutting – Another important point is to know what type of cut you want for the wood. You can choose between a table with a single board on top or a joint of boards. In the latter case, the usual thing is that it comes with a male and female system which are put together with a few small blows of a hammer and special glue.

  • Assembly begins – With the upper part already chosen, we will begin to assemble the lower part, with the crossbars that will shape its structure. For it, we will cut the transverse bars at 45ยบ for each of its ends. We will join them until we get a rectangle that falls below the top surface of our table. Obviously, we will do this work with the table upside down.
  • Legs – The last thing we’re going to do is add the legs. For this we will go place interior angles. We will screw them from the lower support of the table. We will insert two screws on each side, making sure to do it at different heights. To give it more firmness, we will first glue the legs to the support with wood glue.

And it’s that easy to make a wooden table. The best part is that once you get started, you’ll want more. For this reason, we have tripled the proposals. Now is the time to learn how to make a folding table

How to make a folding table

Now is the time to take the quality leap and complicate things a bit. Learn how to make a folding table it is more difficult, for the simple fact that the table will be more delicate and elegant. This doesn’t mean that the folding table remains an affordable option for all pockets.

With two simple folding squares, which you can buy for one very economical price on any surface, you can have a folding table for any corner and unfold it as needed. So we tell you how to make a folding table step by step.

  • Measurements – The first thing is to measure and, in this case, we start by measuring a strip on the wall of 60 centimeters wide. Later, we will measure 75 centimeters from the ground, to find out where our table will be attached. We mark two points on the wall with the pencil which will be where the studs should go later. And we check with the level that it is right.
  • Squares – We have to start the assembly of the table and we do it by screwing the holes that we will have made before in the wall to place the folding squares. They are very easy to install: normally you just need to screw them to the wall. After making the holes in the wall with our drill, we will insert the dowels with the hammer. It is time to transfer the measurements of the three holes to the table which will serve as a support. To do this, we will place the squares on the table, below, as they will be later once we have fixed the entire structure.

  • On the wall – If we place the squares correctly, in their corresponding hole, we will leave them screwed to the wall. We put the board on top of the squares and, from below, and with the open squares, we will screw it on. We already have our folding table ready.

In small houses or kitchens with little space, this type of folding tables is essential in everyday life.

How to make a table with pallets

We have completed our home DIY trio, teaching you how to make a table with pallets. For this we will need a whole pallet and some added pieces of wood. Having said that, we show you how to make a table with pallets step by step

  • We act – The first thing, as always, is to take all the necessary measures. This means that in addition to consulting the dimensions of the pallets that will make up our table, we will also take measurements of the space where it will be placed and the parts that will be used to assemble the different parts.
  • Sketch – With the measurements noted, it’s time to create a sketch with the greatest possible precision and information. A work plan where we detail the order we are going to follow is very practical.

  • materials – 2cm x 2cm wood is what we will use for the legs of our table. In total we will cut four of them, unless we want to prop our table up against a wall, in which case we will only need two. As for length, we went to 40 centimeters although it will always depend on the job you want to do as long as you have it. After marking the measurements, we will cut our legs from the strip of wood and sand them to prepare them.
  • Wood type – The type of wood is not only an aesthetic question. It will also have a lot to do with the type of space we want our pallet table for. The most common is to use this type of tables for outdoor spaces. In this case, it is recommended to choose hard and resistant wood. We can distinguish the European and American palette. For the pallet table, we chose the European table because it is stronger and more robust. Put the legs next to each other and cut if necessary. It is absolutely necessary that everything have the same measurenaturally.

  • Cross members – The next step will be to prepare the crossbars that will serve as a support for the above the table. To do this, we are going to cut them at 45 degrees and place them face to face making a 90 degree cut. That is to say, we will generate with one of the two corners. Just in the inner hole where they meet, we will put one of the legs. It’s time to screw one of the crossbars to the leg, as well as the other. We will glue the angles with glue, and we will also use it to join them to the legs.
  • Support zone – We made the base of our table. All you have to do is put the pallet on top, screwing each of its boards with the bottom of the table. Sanding and varnishing will be an interesting option.

  • Crystal – For this case, we have chosen put a crystal on top to give it a more sophisticated look and make our table more practical without taking away its rustic appearance. Likewise, you can insert planks between the spaces of the pallet to create a ready surface and its spaces.

We hope that now it seems easier like making a table.

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