How to make a table with a pallet

You can make this inexpensive modern coffee table using an old pallet to outfit your living room in no time!

This coffee table is perfect for those who like to reuse it, ideal for an apartment, or for those looking for more storage space for their books and remotes!

How to make a table with a pallet4


  • Palette.
  • Mountain chain.
  • Hammer.
  • Pry bar (or you can use the back of your hammer).
  • Drill.
  • Transparent varnish.
  • Brush.
How to make a table with a pallet1


This project is conceptually very simple and can be completed in about an hour! Learn how to make a table with a pallet:

  1. Start modifying the palette to the size you want.

  2. Remove and reposition the slats as needed.

    All pallets are made differently (and often with reused parts from previous pallets). If the slats are spaced further apart, you can use pieces of the excess that you cut and place them on the open slats of the previous one.

  3. Use a hammer to drive in the slats and a toe bar to remove excess nails if necessary.

    Be careful in this step as the slats on the pallet might break when tapping for removal, especially if the wood is very dry.

  4. Use a few more slats (or cut a few pieces of wood if necessary) to reinforce the bottom of the pallet.

  5. Secure the fork legs by screwing one at each corner at the bottom of the pallet.

  6. Finally, you need to give one or two coats of varnish, depending on your taste.

    Apply evenly and let dry a few hours before wearing. It is recommended to sand rough edges before varnishing.

Once the varnish is dry, your new table is ready to be placed in your home. All you have to do is decorate it.

How to make a table with a pallet5