How to make a water fountain for your pet with self-filling

Today we will learn how we can make a homemade waterer with self-filling for our pets, with which they will never run out of water. Most of the materials we will need for this project will be recycled.

Materials for animal drinkers

The basis of the project will be a plastic bottle (as rigid as possible), which together with a few small pieces of wood, a soup plate, a piece of wire, a hook to hold the neck of the bottle and a few screws, will take us through have a good time and be able to make our animal his new drinker with whom he will never run out of water.

Pet drinker with recycled materials.

Carrying out any project is something that always gives us satisfaction. Also if the project is something where we can recycle to help the environment, it’s much better.

Also knowing that you can comfort your pet with something you have done for them yourself is comforting.

For all these reasons, we will now give you the instructions so you can make a self-filling waterer for your pet.


All are materials that you will surely have at home or it will be very easy to obtain.

  • To get started, look for a 2 liter returnable bottle.
  • Also a square piece of wood 20 x 20 cm and 4 cm thick.
  • You also need a deep plate.
  • 20 cm of fine wire.
  • A U-shaped hook
  • A hook for wood.
  • A screw.
  • Plus a drill and screwdriver
  • Finally, a wooden slat 5 cm higher than the bottle and 4 cm thick.
How to make a pet waterer


It doesn’t take long to make this drinker, It’s very simple to do.

  1. Lay the square lumber on a table.

  2. Then measure the center exactly by making a small mark.

  3. In the middle of the wood, you will then place the strip of wood. Mark and screw to join the two.

  4. Measure with the bottle on the slat, the height you need to place the hook.

  5. The next step is to push the U-hook where you will be holding the bottle.

  6. Then use the measuring bottle again at the top where you will place the wooden hook.

  7. After measuring, place the hook on the back of the tape.

  8. Then use the yarn by placing it on the hook and tying the bottle in the front to make it more secure.

  9. Then place the deep plate on the wooden box.

  10. Then fill the bottle and hang it on the wood.

    This way the water will descend to fill the plate and reach the mouth of the bottle. Since no air is coming in, it will stop releasing water and will do so whenever the water level drops.

Here are the instructions for its manufacture in video:

Here is another project that is a little more complicated and complete:

With this drinker you can leave water for your pet whenever you are not at home, without putting dishes everywhere.

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