How to make a wireless solar charger

Almost everyone has had the problem of having to find an outlet to charge their phone. This everyday situation has a creative solution.

We are going to make a charging device that doesn’t need a plug, we are going to make our own wireless solar charger, a great device that uses the energy of the sun to meet all your needs when charging a mobile.


Step 1: Parts, tools and resources.

  • Basic cable.
  • Two AA rechargeable batteries.
  • A 5 volt USB charging circuit.
  • Laniakea wireless charging kit.
  • One AA battery holder with positive and negative cables.
  • Diode 1n914.
  • A 6 volt solar panel.
  • A micro USB cable.


  • Welder.
  • 3D printer.
  • Filament.
  • Cable cutters.
  • Wire stripper.
  • Heat-shrinkable tape.

Step 2: Circuit and soldered.

  • You need to solder diode 1N904 with the wire (repeat this step with the other two wires).
  • Then you need to solder the 1N904 wire to the positive side of the solar panel.
  • Take the batteries to solder the two tips to the two 1N904 wires that are connected to the solar panel. (Make sure the positive is connected to the positive side and the negative to the negative side respectively).
  • You will now solder the 5V USB charging circuit to the positive and negative sides of the batteries.

PS: Use a multimeter to check the current voltages and see if the LED light on the USB charging circuit lights up.

Step 3: 3D printing.

We need a small box for the wireless charger, so what better way to do that than using a 3D printer? You can try to search for a design on the Internet, here you have attached the ipt file if you want to use the one for this design. It can be a fun experience. The printer used in this project is a 3D Makerbot Replicator 2 with PLA filament. You can use any box that matches the measurements needed.

Step 4: Final assembly.

  • Use hot glue for the edges of the solar panel to close the base of the frame. We need it to stay fixed.
  • Use a zip tie to tie the wires together so that they stick together. This reduces the space required and your footprint.
  • Locate the batteries and the rest of the circuit on the back of the solar panel, inside the box.
  • Finally, connect the wireless charging kit to the USB charging circuit using a micro USB cable.
  • Place the charging station on everything.

Congratulations. You’ve created your own wireless solar charger!

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