When children are out of school, we have to design many different activities to keep them entertained. Even more when it’s cold, like now, and spending the afternoon in the park is not an option. At Bricolaje10 we like to offer new ideas to make yourself and to share with the little ones in the house, and it occurred to us that make origami easy at home This can be a great plan for a cold winter afternoon.

All the kids, and not that young, we love the paper bow ties, the boats, even the planes we tried to fly in class when we were little. Although, I don’t know about you, but we’ve always been a bit crooked. In addition to these well-known characters there are tons of ways to make origami easily get very surprising results.


Do you want to know how? Don’t miss today’s article and learn how to create lots of easy figures using origami techniques.

How to make an easy origami

The first thing to know about learn to make origami exactly what origami is. It is a Japanese art that creates figures by folding paper, without making any cuts, or using scissors or glue. It is the creation of paper sculptures through the molding of this material, without modifying its structure.

Therefore, in the way of making origami are all the figures that can be made by folding a sheet or a square piece of paper. No additional tools are needed, and the key is patience.

how to make origami

For example, the classic paper bow tie we all know consists of folding a square piece of paper in 12 easy steps that only require precision. Keep this in mind as you begin to understand how to origami: the more precise the folds, the better. If you are not careful with this, some sides may be longer than others, and in the end, the final figure will not fit well.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind when planning an afternoon learning to make origami is that the type of paper you use is important. On the one hand, it should be easily manageable. Heavy paper or cardboard will make each fold harder to find, and the last fold may not look correct.

how to make origami paper

On the other hand, if you use pretty papers with fun patterns and patterns, the finishes will be much more attractive and your figures will look very different despite repeating the same fold pattern.

multicolored origami bow ties how to make

How to make origami easy

The simplest figures to get to know this art are the stars which are made with a fairly long rectangular strip. They are very simple and the only difficulty they present is to go around the sides. If you’re learning to easy origami with kids, these shapes will love them.

how to make origami easy

Kids will love these creations and want to decorate everything with these stars. Do not hesitate to teach them this type of manual workbecause it will be fun for them and for you.

And if you want go further in the creation of easy origami, do not hesitate to resort to the classic paper boat. It will delight everyone, and the little ones will want to see how it sails in the tub.

how to make an easy origami boat

How to make origami out of paper

When it comes to learning how to make origami out of paper, you need to know what are the most common paper sizes, so that you can prepare multiple parts, right? The most common is to use square or very long paper, as in the case of the star that we have already seen.

Sometimes at least A4 size paper is used (with this report even if it is another size), but the most common is to use square pieces of paper. The smaller these parts, the more difficult it is to achieve a good result. Consider that when making origami out of paper, the folds become stiff when you multiply them, and in a small piece it can be difficult to handle.

how to make origami out of paper

We don’t recommend using papers smaller than post-its, at least initially. While extra-large paper isn’t the answer either, something like half a page will be the best size to start with.

How to make an easy origami step by step

On the Internet you can find a lot of tutorials for each figure to learn how to make origami step by step. At the end of this article we leave you an explanatory video with which you will learn how to easily make origami in the shape of a rabbit, do not miss it!

But before that, let’s see how to make origami step by step of a pretty easy figure that will appeal to young and old.

how to make origami step by step

The first steps are to prepare the base folds of the paper. It is a great help to manage later in the more difficult turns. Be sure to center the cross so that there are four equal, well-defined pieces. Do you already know what number it is?


Effectively! A heart. You can make it in any size and use them to decorate anything like a photo frame. So from one craft you can get another one to entertain the little ones and get a fantastic home decoration made by yourself.

And if you are the animals, with a quick google search you can find step by step origami tutorials to get dogs, cats, fish, bears … Even this bird funny with a stylized figure.

how-to-make-origami-step by step

Now yes, do not miss the following video to easily learn how to make origami step by step and get a fantastic bunny figure. Kids will love it, it’s very colorful and easy to make. Just be careful to mark the folds well and not to deviate from straight lines.

With patience and a little skill, you can have a whole zoo of paper animals, And kids will really enjoy learning how to make origami step by step. Also, don’t forget that these figurines can be the first step in new professions that will appeal to young and old alike.

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