How to make an onion tree for home cultivation

If you don’t have a lot of space or budget for a large vegetable garden, for aquaponics systems, for fertilizers and a long etcetera, don’t give up, because you still have options, how would you like to be able to do grow your own onions at home all winter now? lowest cost impossible? If you’re interested in the idea, we’ll take you step by step through how to make it happen.

Materials to make your onion.

  • Onion shoots (you can experiment with seeds).
  • Plastic bottle (the size depends on you).
  • Earth.
  • Water.
  • Knife.


Step 1: Prepare the tower.

The first step you will need to do is cut off the lid of the carafe and make holes around it that are about 4 centimeters in diameter. Although it will all depend on which container you choose, if you follow the example and go for a decanter, you can try three layers of onions, with about four pieces in each of them, which will allow you to grow up to them. ‘to a dozen.

Remember to make small holes in the bottom of the container, so that the system drains well, otherwise your onions may rot or not grow properly.

Once you have made all the holes, you can introduce the soil into the container. When you get to the first row of holes on the sides, place an onion bulb in each one. As you can see in the photos, the leaves should point outward and the roots inward.

Then keep adding sand and repeat the same operation with the rest of the holes until the container is completely covered. Remember to water it well so that your harvest is productive.

Step 2: The wait before reaping the rewards.

Once the previous process is complete, it’s time to wait, which, yes, doesn’t have to mean forgetting. Check the soil from time to time and, if you notice it dry in the top two or three inches, water your onion tower.

You are probably wondering how long this wait is going to be and the truth is it will depend a lot on the temperature. If it is around 20 degrees the first shoots can arrive in two weeks, although the term may be longer depending on the type of onion you are growing, so don’t despair.

Step 3: Enjoy your harvest.

When the onions start to sprout, nothing will stop your harvest and you can start enjoying this food produced in your own home. In addition, the production should not stop, as it is enough to repeat the operation to continue cultivating as much as you want.