Do you have a baby at home and want to dress it up?Do you like it to go with all its accessories? Then you’ll love today’s article on how to make baby headbands step by step. We’re going to see holiday and day-to-day examples, and you won’t know where to start!

One of the easiest accessories to make and wear are the headbands, because they not only decorate, but also helps keep hair tied. Also, in winter you can wear wide models that cover the ears keeping them warm.

We love these types of accessories, and they can be easily adapted to all kinds of looks, and the elastic or crochet ones are very comfortable and lightweight. They do not disturb babies and allow them full mobility.

They do not require significant economic investment either. They can actually be made with pieces of fabric you have around the house, rubber bands, wool, etc. Any material can be reused to make headbands step by step easy and pretty. Are we going to start?

How to make baby headbands step by step

The simplest models when making baby headbands step by step They are based on a rubber band, then an ornament is added.

Gum It should be cut to the size of the baby’s head and sewn at the ends. In this way, there will be a circular ribbon that will fit the baby perfectly, without being uncomfortable or falling off. This can be done both with a basic elastic and with a wide ribbon or with some type of hook or any fabric to which an elastic part is added.

The ornaments are as varied as your imagination. Something that works great are the flowers that you can see in the example. They are made by winding the fabric until the desired circumference is reached, and sew layers to others. It doesn’t require a lot of effort and looks great, being an ideal addition for all types of outfits.

Another option is to use basic headbands to add the decorations. We refer to classic rigid plastic headbands, that you can find in any store and in all sizes. This, yes, wait until the baby is a little bigger to opt for this type of headband.

When making baby headbands step by step from this piece of plastic you can add as many ornaments as you want. They are a fantastic option for creating a crown shaped accessory, if what your daughter wants is to be a princess.

We also love the pin-up bow headbands. This style is popular with adult women and looks especially pretty on girls. Also, these headbands they are very comfortable and light. These are ribbons of hair sewn to finish all the ends, to which a knot is made at the waist of the baby’s head. This piece is completed with a pin-up style bow.

Yes if you have a hand with the hook, do not hesitate to make baby headbands step by step with ribbons and ornaments made of this material. They used to be a very elegant option for events and parties that need to be corrected. In addition, they weigh little and are very popular with girls.

Do not miss this explanatory video on how to make baby headbands step by step, for a model braided in satin ribbon, very easy!

Ideas for making baby headbands

We have compiled some examples of great ideas for making baby headbands that you will love. There are many different options, so you are sure to find the perfect model for the outfit you want to complement.

The first idea, very simple to achieve, is based on different pieces of felt This type of fabric does not fray, so it is enough to cut the pieces, without having to finish them at the edges. Join these parts to cover the circumference of the baby’s head, and add a knot at the bottom to tie the headband. If you leave enough room in the loop You can continue to use it when you get older.

On the basis of a wide elastic, you can make all kinds of flowers and ornaments which will perfectly decorate the baby’s head. These are very comfortable and lightweight models that you won’t mind.

And for the most special occasions, what could be better than a baby headband made of delicate flowers? The model in the following example it rests on a plastic headband covered with a satin ribbon on which small fabric flowers have been sewn. These can be found in any haberdashery store and are very easy to sew to the headband.

And, as we’ve seen before, one of our favorite models, in a closer picture: headbands with pin-up bow. This kind of headbands can be carried out on all types of fabrics, that allows you to recycle the materials you have at home. For example, this can be done on cotton fabric from an old T-shirt, terrycloth, or a thin sweatshirt.

What you gotta do is create a rectangle of fabric, large enough to cover the entire head, with two layers of fabric. Join at seam, leaving one end unjoined to be able to turn it over and close the whole strip.

Once the whole room is closed you can now create the nodetaking care to leave the ends taut. Ideally, things, so that the loop stays fixed and does not come undone while the baby is playing or moving. Also, to make it look good, there shouldn’t be too much arching in the knot, so it’s hard to leave room for you to use the old headband.

As you can see, the options are plentiful. Of course you know how to adapt any of the ones we’ve seen the next outfits your baby will wear. If you start making baby headbands step by step, you won’t be able to stop!

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