How to make bags with old t-shirts

Old t-shirts can be a great raw material. Surely you already use more than one use at home 😉 But they can also be a useful material for making shopping bags. Consider that you should stop using polluting plastic bags, and this is a great alternative.

If you have shirts that you don’t like anymore and don’t want to wear anymore, this idea will appeal to you. Nail beautiful bags, very easy to make with t-shirts. One way to recycle a shirt and make it a useful accessory. We show you how to do them.

Don’t throw away your old t-shirts, you can make them Bags in different colors to even match your clothes and carry whatever you want inside.


Materials needed.

You don’t have to go out to buy anything, everybody You must have the necessary materials on hand, as these are things we use frequently at home.

  • First you need to find the shirts or shirts that you no longer use.
  • Also an elastic to hold the hair.
  • Also scissors, needles and thread.

As you can see, you need very little to have a very original bag.

how to make bags with t-shirts


We will show you Two ways to do it, you choose the one you like the most or try to do both.

Procedure 1.

  • To start, lay the shirt out on the table.
  • Then cut the sleeves.
  • Then cut around the neck.
  • The next step is to turn the shirt inside out.
  • Then thread the needle and sew the bottom to close the opening. Make sure you sew well to support the weight.
  • Finally, turn the shirt to the right.

You already have the first bag ready.

Procedure 2.

  • First lay out the shirt on the table.
  • Then cut the sleeves as you did in the first option.
  • After that, continue with the step of cutting the neck, if it is very narrow, you can cut a larger hole.
  • You should also turn the shirt inside out.
  • Then start picking up the bottom part like making a bow.
  • Take the elastic to hold the hair and put it in the fabric bow you made, you need to give it as many turns as you need to be very tight.
  • Finally, turn the shirt over.

You already have the second option ready.

Two bags very easy to make which you can use for shopping, taking clothes or your books to school.

If you are interested in this project, this tutorial will allow you to make your own unique bags from old t-shirts that you no longer use: Tutorial for making bags with recycled t-shirts.