If you want to be able to bring your own flowers to the cemetery this year on All Saints Day which is celebrated on November 1st, be careful because in DIY 10 we explain below How to make bouquets of flowers for the cemetery and also how we can prepare a good one. flower arrangement.


How to make bouquets for cemetery flowers

how to make bouquets of flowers for the cemetery step by step

Placing a bouquet of fresh flowers on a grave is a tradition that dates back decades. On All Saints Day, many people visit deceased relatives, friends and acquaintances at the cemetery carrying flowers which we can unite by making our own bouquet.

Before explaining how to make bouquets of flowers for the cemetery, we advise you to your flowers are fresh and above all of a type or type which has the possibility of be kept relatively easily. If you put the bouquet in a container or vase next to the grave, all you have to do is take a pair of scissors and water. Fill the container with water and cut the bouquet so that it does not protrude too much.

To make a good bouquet of flowers, you will need:

  • Large flowers
  • Medium flowers
  • Small flowers
  • Leaves
  • Floral scissors
  • Table
  • Two sheets of newspaper

Step 1

Choose flowers of different sizes to make a pretty bouquet. Find flowers and foliage with long stems, so that you can cut them as you like (if you need to place the bouquet in a niche, it is better to keep it small). Also remember that evergreen bouquets will last longer than most other types of bouquets.

2nd step

Cut off the bottom of the flower and vegetation of rods and place the cut ends in a bowl of cool water. Leave the flowers and foliage hydrated, or drink water, for 24 hours before making the bouquet.

Step 3

Prepare the work area by separating each type of flower and placing them aside on a table. Place a few stems of the larger type in front of you. The back of the bouquet will be in contact with the floor or the wall.

Step 4

Harvest some of the biggest flowers and place them on and in the vegetation you have set up in front of you. Then add smaller filler flowers and medium-sized flowers, alternating layers as you go. As you add more flowers, place each layer of flowers and greenery, with the stems a little closer to you. This creates a multi-layered effect, so that every layer of flowers will be visible. the The result is that you get the bouquet to have a fan shape and therefore it will be much more attractive.

Step 5

Tie the flowers securely with ribbon or jute, which is biodegradable and don’t leave any trash in the cemetery after the flowers have wilted. You can wrap several strands of jute or enough jute to form a strong wrap around the stem. After the jute wrapping is done, tie it up, cut the stems of the bouquet to a length that makes the bouquet attractive and balanced. Wrap the bouquet in two sheets of newspaper and take it to the cemetery. When you leave it in the grave or niche, remove the sheets of newspaper.

How to make a cemetery flower arrangement


To make a floral arrangement to take to the cemetery, you will need these are a bit shorter than with the bouquet to be able to nail them in the mosi, that green room in which to nail the flowers and leaves.

You must get cut flowers, stems and leaves like ferns of similar sizeMaybe you let the weird flower stand out, and that way you will have it evenly.

The flowers that are longer or you want to stand out as well as the leaves a little more striking, you nail them at the end of everything and make sure you have a good pot, or a base so that your center looks beautiful and does not finish. not by giving in in the event that it reloads too much.

Watch this video to see how to create a good center for the cemetery.