You never know what to give, on top of your complicated financial situation? How about a box of chocolates made by yourself? It has the point of being made and the magic of chocolate, all in one gift that, in addition, will be very inexpensive. If the idea suits you, keep reading and we’ll show you how to make boxes of chocolates with recycled material.

How to make boxes of chocolates with recycled materials

For Valentine’s Day, for him anniversary, for anniversary, for him Holy… Any celebration is perfect for giving a box of homemade chocolates. But of course you have to know how to carry it out. We won’t just tell you how to make boxes of chocolates with recycled materials, but we’ll give you several ideas.

How to make chocolate boxes with chocolates from recycled material

How To Make Chocolate Boxes With Recycled Materials: Cardboard Tumbler

The first one box of chocolates with recycled material What we’re going to do is have a drink as the protagonist. Haven’t you seen glass-shaped boxes of chocolate? And it will be wonderful. You can use it for the occasion you want, as it adapts from romantic to practical.

How to make boxes of chocolates with recycled glass

  • materials
    • Cardboard glass (the size will depend on the amount of chocolates you want to put. The most recommended is the average size of fast food restaurants)
    • The scissors
    • Glue stick
    • Pen
    • Zealous
    • Gift wrap
    • Silk paper
    • Link

How to make homemade chocolate boxes with recycled materials

  • How to make a box of chocolates with recycled glass step by step
    • Step 1 – The first thing we are going to do is cut, with the scissors, the upper edge of the glass. The one with the drinking hem. So we can close it easily.
    • 2nd step – The next step is to line the glass with the wrapping paper. We have the option of purchasing a paper we like or decorating it to our liking. When we have it, we glue it on the glass with the glue, let it dry and cut the edges.
    • Step 3 – Now you have to put the chocolates in the chocolate glass because we will close the box and you will not be able to open it anymore. Since you put in artist mode it would be great if the chocolates were also homemade
    • Step 4 – Once the glue has dried, mark with the pen the longitudinal cuts which will be the tabs that we will use to close the box of chocolates when it is finished. Leave 2 cm of space and cut them 3 cm down.
    • Step 5 – Then fold each tab inward and glue them with tape. Nothing happens if there is a hole in the center, we will cover it later.
    • Step 6 – Actually, to cover the hole, make a tissue paper flower, put it in the hole and glue it with glue. Here we tell you how to make a tissue paper flower
    • Step 7 – If you prefer, you can use the bow to cover the glass, instead of the silk flower.

How to make chocolate boxes filled with recycled materials

And it’s as easy as turning a drink glass into a box of cute, ready chocolates ready to make someone special fall in love.

How to Make Chocolate Boxes With Recycled Material: Chocolate Wrap

As we mentioned, in addition to glass, we will offer another alternative: the envelope of chocolates. This is another version of box of chocolates with recycled material it’s original, fun and in which more chocolates fit than it seems.

How to make homemade chocolate boxes with recycled materials

  • materials
    • Cardboard
    • Rule
    • Marker pen
    • The scissors
    • Zealous
    • Bottle cover
    • Gift wrap
    • 3cm plastic balls with top closure

How to make boxes of chocolates with recycled materials in bulk

  • How to make a cardboard bag of chocolates step by step
    • Step 1 – We take the cardboard and cut it 24 cm long by 8 cm wide.
    • 2nd step – Then we take the cut cardboard and divide it into four sections that would measure, correlatively: 4cm + 8cm + 4cm + 8cm.
    • Step 3 – In the first sector of 4 cm, round the edge. To do this, we take the lid of a jar (of jam, for example) and round the inside, taking the curve from point to point.
    • Step 4 – You need to take the scissors and cut the perimeter of the template, remembering that we will cut the rounded one in the curved area, not in a rectangular shape.
    • Step 5 – Next, using the template, we cut out an equal-sized sample from the wrapping paper and glue it to one side of the template. It is recommended that the wrapping paper be thick and of minimum quality, so that it does not tear during its placement.
    • Step 6 – Once the wrapping paper has been laid, we mark the lines of the sectors we made at the beginning. They will act as guides on where to fold the envelope before you finish it.
    • Step 7 – It’s time to fold the envelope, being careful not to break it and we already have the structure of the chocolate envelope. As you can see, just the right size to remove the chocolate bug, without eating the entire box, as is the case with Ferrero Rochers.
    • Step 8 – It’s time to grab a bag and fill it with chocolates. When we have filled it in, we put it in the center of the envelope and glue it. We can use glue, we can use duct tape, or we can use fancy adhesive that helps make the chocolate wrapper even cuter.
    • Step 9 – To finish, just fold the rounded flap, which is the one that will close the envelope. To do this, we fold it and seal it with the same mechanism that we glued the bag inside. That is, duct tape, glue or adhesive.

How to make boxes of chocolates with recycled materials

Obviously, if you have to donate several envelopes, you can make several at the same time and reduce the preparation time. However, Each envelope of chocolates will take you no more than 5 minutes. That is, in an hour you can make a dozen envelopes, if you organize yourself you can make as many as you want.

Moreover, you can also use them. It is good solution to kill hunger, which you can always carry in your bag or pocket. The right ration to stop hunger without eating the whole box.

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