Image: Tinxi Shutterstock.

When we recycle, we are helping to conserve our planet’s resources. Recycling whatever is possible makes the planet healthier. If you do not know what to do with these large cardboard boxes, today we will teach you how to make furniture from this material.

We can give you many reasons to encourage you to make cardboard furniture. Above all, it’s a great way to recycle. You save money, beautify and personalize your home, and it’s a way to take care of the environment, isn’t it great?

Image: Tinxi Shutterstock.

If you love original objects and want to help maintain a healthy planet, you will love this idea. Find your cardboard boxes, follow the steps and get to work.

How to make cardboard furniture.

It’s simple and you can have exclusive furniture with very little work and money.

  1. Material to use.

    Several large cardboard boxes. You will also need wrapping paper and a few white sheets.

    You should also be looking for pencils, scissors, and a knife. For assembly, you will use vinyl glue, cementite and acrylic colors.

  2. Design your furniture.

    You must first design the furniture you want to build. Draw the pattern you want, take the measurements and make sure they are correct before you start cutting the pieces.

    The cardboard you are going to use may contain letters or printed matter. Once your furniture is built, you will apply paint and these letters will disappear.

  3. Cut the pieces.

    Using the layout and the measurements you took previously, start cutting the pieces of cardboard. So be sure to cut the measurements exactly, so that it fits perfectly.

  4. Assemble the furniture.

    Using vinyl glue, start assembling each part of the furniture. If you need the furniture to have resistance, cut the pieces twice. This way you can make each part of the furniture with two layers which will make it more solid.

    Use wrapping paper at the seams to give the piece stability and white sheets to cover the corners and make them smooth.

  5. Apply cementite.

    If you want your structure to be stronger, first apply vinyl glue to the entire piece of furniture. Leave to dry for 24 hours, then use cementite throughout the design to level the surface.

  6. Decorate and paint your creation.

    After applying cementite, you need to wait a period of 24 hours. During this time, the part should dry perfectly. Now decorate and paint your furniture to your liking and enjoy your exclusive design with recycled materials.

Some examples with cardboard:

  • Cardboard bed.
  • Hydraulic robot arm.
  • Giant padlock.
  • Laptop stand.
  • Folding desk.
  • Modular furniture.
  • A full office.
  • Homemade armchair.
  • Parabolic solar cooker.