How to make cat toys from toilet paper rolls
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If kittens have anything, it is a hunting hobby, they love to chase things and chase them. If you want to pamper your cat a bit and have fun at the same time, We are going to show you how to make 4 toys made with toilet paper rolls that will keep you busy and happy.

You can build inexpensive toys that will keep your pet distracted and happy, you only need very few materials. Craft these toys and meet the needs of fire and his hunting instinct.

Start collecting as many toilet paper rolls as you can and get to work.

Cardboard ball with surprise.

Materials needed:

  • To start a roll of toilet paper.
  • No more scissors.
  • Finally, the treats of your cat’s preference.


  • First cut the paper roll into 5 rings.
  • Then place one ring inside the other to form a wheel.
  • Finally, place the treats of your pet’s preference inside.

Kong type toy.

Materials needed.

  • The first thing you need is a tube of toilet paper.
  • Then a cutter
  • Finally, the treats your cat loves.


  • To start, take the paper roll and cut holes with the cutter where the candy can come out.
  • Now place the treats inside the roll.
  • Then close the edges of the cylinder by folding its edges.

Hunting toy.

Materials needed.

  • The first thing you need is a roll of toilet paper
  • And also a ribbon of the color you want and scissors.


  • The first thing to do is to take the tube and with the scissors, start cutting the sides by making fringes.
  • Then, in the center of the tube, open a hole.
  • Then insert the ribbon and tie it to the hole to be able to move the toy.

Cardboard pyramid.

Materials needed.

  • First you need 9 rolls of toilet paper.
  • Also glue and if you wish, paint to color the tubes.


  • To start, you must build the base, for this you will join the tubes by adjusting them two by two until you get three groups of 2 tubes each.
  • Then glue each group next to each other until you get the base.
  • The second step is to join two more tubes, next to each other and place it in the middle of the base.
  • To finish, place the last tube in the middle of the two previous tubes, joining it to the glue.
  • Now hold the different rollers with tweezers until they dry, to prevent them from moving.
  • Introduce after drying, spoil and let your cat have fun.

What simple and inexpensive ideas! but the best thing is your cat will love them. You can mess it up with very little money and effort, your kitten will thank you for it.

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