How to make Christmas Elves felt pine cones

A simple Christmas project where we will use felt and pine cones, materials that are readily available, two materials that are particularly useful for making crafts with children.

This Christmas we will be adding elves to our home decor, or gnomes as you prefer to call them, perfect crafts for these coming holidays.

How to make Christmas elves from felt and pine cones

For this project, 5 different felt colors were chosen, red, brick, fern, moss and blue. A beautiful combination of colors! We will also need mini pine cones, 1 inch wood grains, and small bells that you can recycle from any other adornments you no longer use, they are not essential.

With scissors, hot glue (you can also use regular glue), and a black and red pen, these elves came to life. It could be a lot of fun doing variations of the elves. Maybe add braids?

Get the kids together and get to work!

How to make felt pine cones and Christmas elves

Here we are sharing a video with more ideas so you can make the decorations yourself this Christmas: