It is more and more common for us to search the Internet for DIY or “do it yourself” ideas. And is that, despite the fact that Ikea type stores increase their sales every year, we don’t like our house to be exactly the same as everyone else. The best way to customize a room without spending a lot of money is to do some crafts.

In addition to the basic decorative elements, such as pictures, vases and cushions, there are many other aspects that can be personalized in a home. You can change the covers of sofas and armchairs, chairs or other furniture such as headboards.

Confused about how to make dining room chair covers? Don’t worry, in DIY 10 we’ll explain it to you. And by the way, we will see how to make this same craft in baby seats. Total customization!

How to make dining chair covers

The options for making dining room chair covers are plentiful. You can take the old chairs apart and cover them. Or place a cover on the top that fits perfectly to the backrest and seat. And if you are looking for a touch of elegance, you can create blankets that reach the floor and dress up the entire dining room.

In any case, There are some materials that you need before you start making dining chair covers. These are:

  • Fabric, of course. Keep in mind that this piece of furniture experiences a lot of friction throughout its useful life. It is necessary to choose fabrics of good quality, resistant and thick, which do not deteriorate in the least. It would already be ideal to have a fabric that is easy to clean. However, since it is a cover, you can remove it at any time and put it in the washing machine.
  • Threads.
  • Needles and pins.
  • Thimble so as not to prick yourself.
  • Scissors and cutter.
  • Patterned paper, patterned chalk and pencil.
  • Tape measure or tape measure.
  • Sewing machine.

The work will consist of making a pattern of the cover you want to make, then transfer it to the fabric so that you can sew and finish the job.

The first step is to measure the chairs. Although at first glance they may appear quite straight, it is common for them to narrow or widen in some areas. Therefore, ideally you take all the measurements from the sample image. You need to measure: the high and low backrest, the seat at the front and at the back, the height of the feet, the height of the backrest, the width of the backrest and the width of the seat.

With this measurement, you can make a sketch of the type of blanket you need. If you only want to cover the backrest and seat, you should not consider the height of the legs, although you will need to consider the width of the seat to adjust the rubber around it.

The drawing in the following image will give you an idea of ​​what the cover should look like and how the attachments will be attached. Once you know how all the measurements are placed in the sketch, You can cut the pieces out of the paper for creating models. Try to leave a few inches of space for seams and hems. When you have all the pieces, it’s time to sew the blanket.

It’s a pretty straightforward sewing task. You just need to join the different pieces, then put a rubber band to adjust it to the seat, or a buckle to adjust it yourself if you choose a floor cover.

Also if you like themed decorations, you can make different blankets for different times of the year. For example, these Santa Claus hat covers for Christmas. Or other verniegas more for when the heat arrives, or festive ones for birthdays and celebrations.

How to make baby seat covers

The DIY fever isn’t just confined to the home, and more and more mothers are choosing to personalize their strollers and strollers. One of the simplest and most attractive jobs is learning how to make baby seat covers.

Having multiple blankets is very helpful, as you can wash some of them while using others. Be aware that babies get stained easily and the seat cover can get dirty quite often.

In this type of work, special care must be taken with the seams. Children use seats a lot and covers can end up undergoing this treatment. That’s why strong and well reinforced seams will help you in the long run. It is best to reinforce them with a ribbon of the same color or one that goes well with the fabric.

The baby seat covers manufacturing pattern is very basic and adapts to all models. You have to make the two pieces for the sides and the main one for the backrest, and another for the baby seat. You can make the blanket simple or fill each room with a softer padding.

Once you have created your baby seat cover, the personalization can go much further. For example, create a small bag for cold days. It can be a piece that fits the case with clasps or buttons, and you can remove when hot.

You can also customize the hood of the stroller with the same fabric as the cover, or with the one that combines perfectly in the pattern or the colors. This will already give you a completely unique and personalized look to the maximum.

Almost all trolleys have the same or very similar measurements, and the adaptation of this type of covers is very simple. You can tailor it better with rubber bands or knots.

Personalization tasks for chairs and baby seats allow us to have much more personalized and unique items that no one else will have the same.

Do you want to give a new look to the other furniture in your home? Don’t miss out on these items and make your whole home as personal as possible!