Anyone who says crochet is an old thing or for the elderly, hasn’t tried it. In this article we will teach you how to make crochet handbags easily and inexpensively. Scholarships for which, on the other hand, you end up paying 5, 6 or even 10 euros on the exhibition stands. You will see how easy it is to make them, that you will even consider selling them.

How to Make Crochet Handbags Easily and Economically

To learn how to make crochet handbags easily and inexpensively, one must be aware of the ancestral tradition behind this noble art. And, since time immemorial, crochet has been used to make clothes of all kinds, especially for babies. Plus, there was no home without a crochet accessory, be it a blanket, shawl, or tablecloth blanket.

Of course, with the industrialization and modernization of systems, crochet is no longer a specific profession for women in the textile industry, be a hobby. Of course, a hobby with more and more followers for its relaxing and therapeutic function. Not surprisingly, many psychologists recommend it to their patients as a non-invasive shock therapy to relieve stress. Before giving medication or trying more difficult therapies, hooking is a first step that helps many patients.

The reason for the calming effect of the hook is the concentration and the systematic movements it requires of us. Crochet is all about repeating the marked patterns, so being aware of this keeps us from our problems. By the way, we solve all the freebies we have to give. Baby clothes, socks, popular crochet scarves and blankets which are always well received.

Crochet handbags are something less in demand but just as common to give away. And so you know how to make crochet handbags easily and inexpensively, you just have to keep reading.

Materials for making crochet handbags

Obviously, before we start, we need to know the materials for making crochet handbags. There aren’t many of them but, in case you are confused, know that in the more chic areas, we call the crochet hook. It is the same.

  • Wool – Try to have enough wool for the handbag and, above all, in the colors you want to do. You have to plan it ahead.
  • Needle – When you buy a ball of yarn, you will see that it indicates the indicated size of the needle to handle it. Let this guide you or, if you have any doubts, ask the store where you buy it and get advice.
  • Tissue – To cover the inside of the handbag
  • The scissors – The more veterans in your environment will tell you that they cut the excess wool with their teeth. Think that they also washed clothes in the river. There is no need. With a pair of scissors, you will hold your teeth in place.
  • Closing – Obviously you need to put a closure on the handbag, otherwise it will be a handbag with which to lose money. If it’s metallic, the better. And if it comes with holes made for wool to go in, honey on flakes. It will make your job much easier.

How to crochet handbags step by step

And now yes, let’s see how to make crochet handbags step by step. The truth is that with an art that dates back centuries, the alternatives are many and varied. Once you are in the world of crochet there are all kinds of experiments you can do. For now, let’s get to the basics. In this case, we must adapt our technique to the shape of the handbag and this one to the size of the purchased closure. Obviously, the more colors, the longer it will take, but the more attractive it will be.

In this case, we will go for an ordinary handbag, with 10 cm opening. From there, whatever your imagination.

  • Step 1 – The first step is to start knitting the wool. For this, the elastic crochet technique is used. That is, a ring of 12 mid-high hooks is made and they are doubled, thus we get a round with a double increase.
  • 2nd step – We must have 24 high midpoints, so we add another dozen until we get 36 points.
  • Step 3 – From 36, we went to 48, and from there to 60 points. This is when we assess whether we are reaching 72 or not, depending on the size we want for the handbag.
  • Step 4 – Either with 60 or with 72 points, we finish with two more turns but without increasing it and we apply the fancy point.
  • Step 5 – Then we sew the fabric we had for the inside of the handbag
  • Step 6 – Finally, we sew the metal closure. And we already have the finished handbag.

Obviously, you can vary the technique and the way of treating this trade, but it’s convenient to start with something basic. Plus, if this is your first wallet, we assure you it won’t be your last. You will have the opportunity to try new techniques.

Ideas for making crochet handbags

Once you get off the ground, the normal thing is to broaden your horizons and dare to set new goals. In this sense, we leave you ideas for making crochet handbags.

Custom crochet handbag

One of the ideas for making crochet handbags the most common is to personalize the crochet bag with something your recipient will like. When you have a better handle on the technique, you can add an animal-loving puppy, their favorite team’s shield, or, who knows, a box to put their children’s photos in. Sky is the limit. Well, and the yards of wool you buy.

Classic crochet purse

If they keep seeing white crochet handbags, There must be a reason. This is the quintessential crochet handbag. the Adidas Stan Smith Handbags. A gift you will always be right with. Plus, it won’t take too much time or hassle, so you can make a dozen of them in series, and have them as a recurring gift in an emergency. Now if you prefer another color you are free to apply it.

Crochet hippie purse

Another classic that never fails. The hippie crochet handbag is a definite hit. It goes with everything, loves (almost) everyone and has been sweeping for decades. Feel free to try this design out to see how well you blend the colors.

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