Sure that you have seen a lot of babies with crochet headbands. Even many women sport this style, as it is not something exclusively for babies. Maybe if you don’t usually do crafts like this, the name doesn’t ring a bell. But as soon as you see the examples in this article, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Crochet is a type of crochet hook woven with wool or yarn depending on the type of work performed. To weave this type of material It is necessary to use a hook, with a rounded hook tip.

Deciding on the needle size and type of thread you are going to use will depend on the finish you are looking for. Even if this type of crochet headbands is very typical for babiesBecause they are comfy and cute, there are also plenty of other adult items that look great.

How to crochet headbands step by step

If you want to know how to crochet headbands step by step, the first thing to practice is loose stitches. Once you practice and decide how you want the stitches together or separately, you can start a task. To start practicing what you need to do is knit a warp.

For that You need to make a slip knot around the needle and wrap the wool around it. Once it’s done, adjust while pulling on the thread. If you pull more or less, the point will be tight or loose. To make crochet headbands, it is best not to over tighten the yarn.

Then, with the thumb and middle finger of your left hand (if you are right-handed), hold the tip of the slip knot. Use your left index finger to guide the thread from back to front around the needle. Use the needle to pull the thread through the hoop on it; a chain will be formed. Repeat this process to form a chain stitch.

You will surely see each point more clearly in the example images.

The banner will consist of a right rectangle the size of the head circumference. But also you can decorate it with flowers or other elements. For this you will have to adjust the points to the different models that you will find on the Internet.

How to make crochet baby headbands

When making crochet baby headbands we recommend that they be around the entire circumference, for the comfort of babies. That is, you can crochet a plastic or metal headband. But the baby will not be so comfortable and will eventually take it off.

Even this type of headband can be combined with other materials. For example, in the following picture, the headband is made of stretch fabric, and the hook is as decoration.

A very nice option that you usually like, These are the bow shaped crochet headbands. They are made with a fairly long rectangle of fabric. What joined at the ends, leaving these protruding a little, creating the shape of the loop. They are very comfortable headbands and they are very funny.

And already, For those of you who are more expert with crochet, the options are endless. You can make the headband with animal shapes, designs, or any other element you like. On the Internet you will find a multitude of free models it will help you in the tasks.

We loved the following headband with owls, it is very original!

One advantage of using loose or separate stitches is that you can incorporate a bow. This way you bring color to the crochet headbands, achieving an original and different finish. The headband will be more manageable and cool, and the arch will add a different touch.

For the winter, you can opt for wider headbands with a tight knit, which cover the ears and serve to warm the baby’s head. Crochet is a type of fabric that adapts well to all kinds of times and styles.

How to crochet flower headbands

Both for babies and for everyone, crochet headbands are a fantastic option for decorating hair. One of the most popular designs is the one that includes flowers. Crochet flowers are delicate and pretty, and they adapt perfectly to many different styles.

The flowers can be incorporated into the headbands above the ribbon itself. That is, the whole headband will be woven first, and then the flowers, which will be sewn on top. This allows you to easily combine different colors and types of threads.. In addition, if you want to change it, it will be easy to undo the flower and put another in its place.

Although in the case of crochet baby headbands, we recommend that you make them in one piece. This way there will be no risk of getting ripped off. And it will be much more comfortable for them.

Attentive to the idea of ​​the following image: They closed the blindfold with a button. This way you can fit the baby’s head and the button doesn’t need buttonholes. It can be nested between points if there is enough free space.

If the headband is not intended for a baby and will be used by an adult girl or woman, the options are expanded. There are those who completely line plastic or metal headbands. So you get a total crochet look. And on the other hand, there are those who mix certain fabrics with others, or place the crochet flowers directly on the headband, in order to decorate.

Do you like the examples we have seen? With a quick Google search, you will find a multitude of patterns that will guide you through your first crochet headbands. You will see how very simple it is. And you will be able to complement many styles with this type of hair ornament.

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