How To Make Flowers By Recycling Book Sheets

Today we will see how to recycle printed paper sheets. It could be sheets from an old book we no longer need or even notes we have at home or an old textbook we will never use (do you have any computer manuals there ? It’s perfect).


The materials needed are:

  • Folios with printed letters.
  • Scissors for different cuts (or single).
  • Green paper.
  • Wooden skewers (from the Moors).
  • Silicone.


We tear as many leaves as we want to make flowers and cut off the blank margin at the top and bottom.

We fold the sheet in half lengthwise and cut it into thin strips, we will not cut the entire sheet. The blank margin will serve as a guide.

If we don’t have the scissors to make five cuts at the same time, we’ll use normal scissors.

We cut a strip of green paper for the center of the flowers, and also cut it into fringes. We unfold the page of the book and stretch it as much as possible with our hand, folding it to the opposite side.

We glue both edges of the sheet with a glue stick, it is important that the paper is hollowed out, creating the shape of the flower petals.

On the wooden skewer we glue one end of the colored fringes with hot silicone. Then we will apply a stick of glue to the bangs from below and rolling. When we are done with the colored paper, we continue with the printed paper.

We finish rolling and gluing the printed paper. With our hands, we slightly bend the petals outwards so that the center of the flower is visible and has a beautiful shape.