Today in DIY10 we want to teach you how to make the famous fofuchas. Many of you have wondered how they are made and you are probably thinking that this is something complex, and that we will need a lot of materials for. But none of that. In this article we will tell you how to easily make fofuchas.


How To Make Fofuchas The Easy Way | What do we need

These are the materials that we will need when we want to make fofuchas. Take note!

  • EVA rubber sheets.
  • Styrofoam balls.
  • Scissors, pencil and cutter.
  • Brush and paints.
  • Wooden chopsticks.
  • Plate.
  • Glue gun.

Keep in mind that the color of the EVA rubber sheets they will depend on the fofucha we want to make. For example, if we want to make a female doctor, the logical thing to do is to get flesh colored or brown EVA rubber for the skin, white for the clothes, red for the details and it can be black, yellow or yellow. another color we love for the hair.

the polystyrene beads They are essential, but we will need them in different sizes. Again, it will depend on the type of fofucha we want to make, but the important thing will be that they are in proportion.

For this reason, it is usual to take the seven centimeter ball for the head, the five centimeter ball for the body, the four centimeter ball for the feet and the three centimeter ball for the smaller parts. In the case of hands or arms, for example, we will use the wooden sticks.

Paints and brushes are to give color and shape to the face, draw eyes and smile so characteristic of fofuchas, although we can always give it the expression we want. And the scissors and the cutter will be our allies to cut the sheets and the polystyrene (remember that these are balls and that they will sometimes have to be given a flat base).

Finally, iron will be needed to heat EVA rubber, so that we can manage it easily when we want to dress the fofucha. The glue gun will be essential so that the EVA rubber is well fixed to the polystyrene balls.

How To Make Fofuchas The Easy Way | Fofucha selection

We are going to put into practice what we just said by creating a fofucha footballer, but not just any footballer, but of the Spanish national team. For the realization of this fofucha, we will need the following materials.

How To Make Fofuchas Easily – Fofucha Selección | materials

  • White, flesh, blue, red, green, brown and yellow colored leaves of Goma Eva.
  • Styrofoam balls of the following measures: 1 of 7 or 6 cm, two more balls of 5 cm and two more of 4.5. As long as you follow this proportion, you can choose other sizes.
  • 2 wooden toothpicks of the type we use for skewers
  • Iron and hot glue gun
  • Scissors, chisel, knife or cutter and polystyrene cutter.
  • Piece of red string and a small ball
  • Paints, fine black markers and various brushes

With all these materials we can start with our fofucha, for this we must first have models to make the clothes, here are the models for the costume of the Spanish national team.

How To Make Fofuchas Easily – Fofucha Selección | First contact

  1. We print the design and cut it out of eva rubber. Depending on the color you choose, you already know a red shirt, blue pants, blue and red sneakers, dark brown or black hair, etc.
  2. The head. We take the big 7cm styrofoam ball and use it for the head, so we are going to line it with flesh colored eva rubber and use dark brown or black for the hair.
  3. Legs. To make the legs, we will use the wooden sticks that we will cover with flesh color. Now to decorate the feet we will only have to cover with eva rubber blue, we put the legs on and we glue the pretty socks. The feet are almost ready, it remains only to finish with the rear and front legs and the last flap where the laces go.
  4. For body making We are going to make a kind of cone with eva rubber, we can use a polystyrene ball to obtain its mold, we glue the head to the body and we start to place the shirt keeping in mind that it must be adjusted from behind.
  5. We stick arms and we adapt the small sleeves.
  6. We cover the body, we glue the head to the body and we put on the shirt, adjusting it from behind. We glue the arms on which we have placed the sleeves.
  7. For hair We will have made two equal pieces, the first that we will place on the front of the head and the second on the back.
  8. We only have glue the ornaments, such as bands, shields, etc. We put a little felt on a CD and glue our doll on a base that we will have made of eva rubber, so that it has a better consistency.
  • Important: To cover with eva rubber, it will be necessary to cover the rubber sheet with a cloth, then apply the iron that we use for the clothes but WITHOUT STEAM, in this way the rubber gains in elasticity to be able to adapt without problem to all the shapes . In order for the rubber to adhere to the polyexpan, we will use the glue gun.

How To Make Fofuchas Easily – Fofucha Selección | The feet

Make the feet We will use both the 5cm and 4.5cm balls for each foot, with the larger ball in front and the smaller in the back. Now with the cutter cut to 1/2 centimeter from the center vertically each of the four balls that make up the feet, to create a base.

For join the two balls made of polystyrene in different sizes, we use the hot glue gun, aligning the two balls as we see in the following picture.

We can only stick with the hot glue gun. As a result, we will have beautiful feet that will give the doll stability.

How To Make Fofucha Easily – Fofucha Selección | Step by step with pictures

How To Make Fofuchas The Easy Way | Step by step

how to make an easy result

We will start with the head, because this is the simplest part, although the fofuchas themselves are easy to do, only, as we will see, they are a little elaborate. We will try to simplify the work as much as possible.

The first will be heat the piece of EVA rubber that we will add to the head, taking into account the shape of the hair you want to give it. We will glue the two pieces with glue and we will cut the part that remains.

Members, like Arms and legs, will have a base of wooden chopsticks, but about those who we will roll pieces of EVA rubber to make them more or less thick and of the appropriate color. Take into account whether the meat will be seen or whether it has sleeves, for example.

As for the shoes, we will need for each one a ball of four and another of three centimeters. We will cut a part and join them, so that we have a certain shape but still rounded. Again, we will cut to make the base and wrap it with hot EVA rubber.

For the body, the five centimeter ball will work and make a cone with the EVA rubber sheet, and finally, the face will be painted with brushes. And here we are, we already have our easy to make fofucha.

Video on how to make fofuchas the easy way

How To Make Fofuchas The Easy Way | Nurse Fofucha

In this section we are not only going to show you different designs of nurse fofuchas, you will also be able to find fofuchas of doctors and different specialties of the healthcare profession.

The first step, as always, is to do the design of your fofucha, so that you can create the pattern that lets you bring it to life more simply, efficiently and safely. Once you have it, you can transfer it to the corresponding eva rubber. Remember that you need a base to secure the fofucha so that it stays much more stable and there is less risk of it breaking, while it will be easier for them to use it for the decoration.

In this case, the number of colors of eva rubber you will need will vary depending on what accessories you want to put on your fofucha and its specialty.

Image: trastines

I have selected a video in which you can see how to make fofuchas or focuchos nurses or health professionals, in which they show step by step, from the beginning, how to make these dolls in a simple and successful way. The video is from the SQ Goma Eva channel, to which you can include the mask or let them smile like in the rest of the photos:

In the gallery that we show you below, you can see a multitude of designs This will help you find yours, so that you can see which elements and designs are the ones that catch your eye the most or which most closely resemble the person you want to give them to.

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