This will undoubtedly be one of the most useful entries on the DIY10 blog. There we will learn how to make furniture with unusual materials and / or objects. Can you imagine make a piece of furniture for your living room with a pallet? Usually these parts are only used for department stores. Failing that, they also do a good job as firewood. But what if we tell you that they can serve as a decorative elements? Surely a lot of you don’t believe it, but we’re going to show you how you can do some real wonders with these unnecessary junk.

In addition, we will also give you some tips on how make your own furniture with wood and cardboard. Yes, also with cardboard. Very attentive to this post which will surely be of great help to you.

How to make wooden furniture

With the right tools and precise procedures, we can build almost any type of furniture. The type of wood is the same, almost all of them are able to become wonderful pieces of decoration. We won’t need to be industrial designers or cabinet makers to get the most out of certain wood parts.

The advantage of knowing how to make furniture is, besides the economic benefit it will give us an account of the ability to make the furniture we need at any time. No matter what size, type and design you can think of, a whole world of possibilities opens up before us.

We will start by drawing a sketch of the furniture we want to make. It will be a good idea to help us paper, pencil and scale if possible. This will help us to have a solid guide through the process. We will note all the measurements, those of each part to be assembled included. Not only is it worthwhile to put the measurements seen with the naked eye. If we want a good result, these details are very important.


From there we will have two options. The first is that once know the measures, cut the pieces ourselves. The other is to go to a carpentry center and have them prepared for us. Of course, this last option is much simpler. This will save us a lot of work, the finish will be professional and the price will be more than affordable. Such an order is not very expensive.

There are thousands of forms of assembly. When visiting the surface, we will be inundated with all the options. If it is good that everything is thought out (from materials to assembly to the budget), it is the right time to consult the professionals of the establishment on What is the best option.

Likewise, this is also a good time to think about our protection. In this field and in any DIY work safety is very important. Gloves, masks or safety shoes are just as necessary as screws, nails or glue.

Of course, what you buy will depend on the type of furniture you want to make. This also includes the wood and the type of slat. Today you can find many step by step plans on the internet for the type of furniture you want. A great idea to start with is to make a simple piece of furniture: shelves, bedside tables or shoe racks are a great option. Simple alternatives with great results. We will take the opportunity to show you how to make kitchen furniture.

How to make kitchen furniture

When it comes to building kitchen furniture, melamine is the most common material. However, since we are with wood, we will recommend building a floating cabinet made of wood instead of chipboard. We will offer you to build a simple piece of furniture so that you can start doing it yourself if you have never done it before. We will build a small cupboard for the spices. We will need four boards of the same size.

For example:

  • 4 boards 30 × 30 cm, 1 cm thick
  • 1 board 28x28cm, 1cm thick
  • 2 boards 13.5 cm x 20 cm, 1 cm thick

As you can see, you have to subtract the thickness of one of the parts from the other that will be integrated into it. We will also need 16 metal brackets and screws. The screws must be of such length that they never exceed the thickness of the slats.

To start, we’ll make two marks in the middle of one of the 30 cm side panels. In this we will place one of the 28x28cm boards across. This will be the intermediate base. To join the pieces we will use squares in this case. Each corner will be drilled and joined to the other with the squares. It is enough to put them on the side where it will support, it is not necessary to do it on the other side, where we are going to place our spices.

Little by little, we will assemble the side panels to middle panel. The lower and upper parts will be left free. Across, and in the middle of the 28cmx28xm board (making a cross with it), we will put a 13.5cm below and another above. They will be used to divide the space into four parts. As before, it will not be necessary to place squares on both sides. On one of the boards we will put them on one side, on the other board on the opposite side. We will thus achieve a square structure divided into four compartments. It will be an easy way to start building kitchen furniture, and its purpose will be very practical.

How to make furniture with pallets

One of the most original proposals for the construction of furniture is to use pallets. With them we can make from a rustic style shelf to a complete piece of furniture for the bathroom. In the latter case, we will only have to put one pallet on another, by inserting their positions, base against base and base against base. By joining them all, we will have rustic furniture for the bathroom that will also highlight compartments. A very useful option for making furniture is making outdoor benches. By joining one pallet to another, overlapping, we will have the base for the seat. Later we can put another one from behind at a different height to get the backrest. From there, it’s all about the imagination: you can decorate them with different colors, sand and varnish them or, finally, add different pieces that give a more elaborate appearance.


However, what in our opinion is the easiest and most practical option is to build a tea table with pallets. It is made by superimposing two small pallets or by cutting them one on top of the other. Later we can join them with glue, screws or nails. We’re going to change the design to screw four wheels into the studs at the bottom. Later we can place a glass if we want to make it look better. It is also a good option to place wooden slats in between to achieve an even, ready surface without the need for glass.

How to make cardboard furniture

Yes, we can make cardboard furniture. We can’t think of any cheapest idea to make furniture. It can be worth any type of cardboard, even the one that is normally stacked on the street. Basically, the idea is to do a preliminary design and then place the parts to get a great result. It is a very simple and intuitive process.


We consider that in this aspect many indications are not necessary, because they are types of furniture that we can achieve by tracing the measurements with the naked eye. The process involves putting together pieces that are strong enough to support the structure. Little by little, you will see how it gains in weight and strength, until it is as strong as any other material. There are specialty channels on YouTube that do everything from bedside tables to complete furniture for the entrance to the house.

Assemble the parts with hot silicone They can work wonders if in the end you decorate with paper with mosaics and floral designs. Impressive!

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