How to make homemade aloe vera soap

In this season when we can have a little more time and where nature is also in its splendor, we can take the opportunity to make a very natural and nourishing soap for the skin.

the aloe vera will be the protagonist of our creation and we will perfume it with Rosemary. We started by cutting 4 stems or large leaves of aloe vera (Aloe vera), which besides having a very good reputation in the treatment of diseases and burns, is also very nutritious for the skin and stomach, as well as for healing.

What else are we going to use?

Then they can cut or buy to scent the soap, a little rosemary, a plant already known for its good attributes for hair and skin. Then we will make a liter of well concentrated rosemary infusion, to add it later to the soapy water that we are going to do. In addition to these two natural ingredients, we will also use 6 liters of potato frying oil, well drained so as not to have any impurities, 5 liters of water, 1 kilo of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), Gloves, glasses or eye protection glasses, apron, wooden stick or paddle and large plastic container.

The next step is to clean the aloe vera, the green of its leaf, to leave only the internal gel, and is placed in the blender to be crushed.

To start making the soap, having already checked the ingredients on hand, you need to protect yourself with glasses, gloves and an apron. The caustic soda is uncovered and dissolved in the plastic container with a little water, stirring slowly until completely dissolved. Then the oil is added, it is mixed thoroughly, then the aloe vera is added, and it always starts to stir in the same direction and without stopping, until it hardens.

Stir in the same direction and observe how little by little it takes on consistency. This process is very important and should take about 1 hour and 30 minutes without stopping the process of stirring the mixture. After this time, the mixture is placed in the molds.

homemade-soap-aloe vera

Then it is allowed to cool and it is expected to be completely set, when they are already hard or almost hard, after 7 days they will be cut into small squares to be used on different occasions such as the bathroom , the shower and even for washing clothes.

To cut them you can buy a mold with the figure of your choice or you can even make one in the traditional way with a round box, for example those of tuna or sardines. The finishes will not be perfect but they will be very beautiful and of quality.

Any residue left over from cuts with the molds, or manual cuts you made that do not have the desired finish, you can reuse for the washing machine, placing them in a cloth bag during the process of washing, because these too handmade soaps of aloe vera has properties to whiten clothes.

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