How to make homemade apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has multiple properties that can be used to improve the health of your body. You can learn how to make it from the comfort of your home with a simple recipe.

Apple cider vinegar is made through a fermentation process. Contains phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and calcium. In the days of Hippocrates, it was recommended to relieve a wide variety of ailments.

Currently, it is still used for multiple purposes. One of them is related to digestion. It is used to control stomach pains because it helps to increase acids in the stomach and prevents food and gas from entering the esophagus.

Apple cider vinegar is very good for the skin when taken regularly. If we add it to the bath water it helps kill bacteria and fungi, which prevents diapers, eczema and other skin conditions.

Considering its pH balancing benefits, this is an excellent hair rinse, which will replace the conditioner.

Most apple cider vinegars are pasteurized and filtered, thus losing their properties. These versions are not optimal for other functions because kill some beneficial bacteria. That is why it is advisable to do it at home.

Apple cider vinegar recipe.


We will need the following ingredients: 6 sweet apples, yellow or red. Preferably organic.


Image: Borsmenta Shutterstock

Remove the top because normally pesticides are concentrated in this area, although you can also remove them with this trick. Then they are brought to the juicer to get the apple juice, you can add the panela water because the bacteria feed on the sugar.

If you use the shell, the fermentation process is accelerated. Filter the apple juice, with the excess you can make tortillas.

The must is placed in a glass container for four to six weeks at room temperature. If the weather is hot, the fermentation process speeds up. After the time, place in a container and cover with a cloth. Filter, place in a container and set aside in the refrigerator.

Take a tablespoon and dissolve it in a glass of water. It must taste sour.