How to make homemade flea shampoo

Maintaining the hygiene of our pets is essential, so we will remove any accumulated dirt and keep their fur in good condition. This lesson will teach you how to make homemade flea shampoo.

Ingredients of flea shampoo.

It’s pretty easy and accessible, with ingredients you normally have in your home or can get anywhere. To make this shampoo you would need:

  • 4 cups of lukewarm water.
  • 1 cup of liquid soap.
  • 1 cup of white vinegar.
  • Large bowl and mixing instrument.


Step 1: We pour the cup of lukewarm water into the container.

2nd step: We take the soap, which can be of any brand, but it is extremely important that it be liquid. Mix a little with water, without creating much foam.

Step 3: We add the cup of white vinegar and proceed to measure everything, we can do it with the mixing instrument or with the same measuring cup.

It is best to do this with a spatula so that everything is perfectly incorporated and no soap sticks to the container.

After you’ve completely removed the water, soap, and vinegar, it’s time to pour it into a bottle you have on hand, which is empty and completely clean. If you have a funnel it will be much easier to drop off and you won’t spill a drop.

When you have it ready in the bottle and ready to use when you need it, remember to give it the right use like any other flea shampoo. Apply it to your dog, leave it for a good 5 minutes without splashing water on him and trying to avoid contact with his eyes or mouth, then finish rinsing without problem.

With three simple ingredients that we have at home, we can have emergency flea shampoo for our pet. On dates when there is a lot of rain and humidity, when our dogs go out to the garden, it is almost inevitable that a flea will stick to them.

If you want to replace any of these ingredients, we can tell you that liquid soap can be replaced with baby shampoo. The vinegar doesn’t have to be white, as you have the option of applying some with an apple or cider flavor if you have sensitive skin.

We will give you a little extra: if you bathe your dog very frequently (more than once a month) or if he suffers from dryness, you can replicate a shampoo for sensitive skin comprising the main ingredients of these products:

  • 1 cup of baking soda.
  • 1 cup of cornstarch.
  • Oil with essences (lemon or lavender are the most used).

Stir everything in a bowl as in the previous recipe, sprinkle it on the dog and massage his skin with this mixture using a comb or brush.

Remember not to overdo the baking soda as your dog’s coat can pick up dust residue, which can damage their skin in the long run. You have to be very careful with this last method and apply it from time to time, avoid abusing it or doing it too often.

Homemade flea shampoo step by step.