How to make homemade hydrogel with layers

Today we will learn how to how to make homemade hydrogel from layers to help our plants grow, a gel that is not toxic and does not harm the environment. This homemade hydrogel will help us reduce water loss from our plants as it can hold up to 800 times its weight, and it will keep the soil moist by slowly releasing the retained water.

Today we will show you How to make a non-toxic homemade gel that, in addition to helping us reduce water loss, will keep our plant soil moist.

The gel gradually releases the retained water, being ideal for keeping the humidity of our seedlings longer.

This hydrogel can be used for example when you go on a trip, so that your plants do not run out of water.

Something similar to the powdered water of Mexican Sergio Rico that he patented to fight droughts and grow more efficiently.

You can use new diapers but the idea is that you use diapers that are “slightly worn”, you understand me 😉

Hydrogel crystals are made from sodium polyacrylate, a water-absorbent polymer. Sodium polyacrylate is not toxic.

Here we leave you some video tutorials for you to learn how to do it, in this first one use whatever is in the layer:

He explains how he uses it to make the seeds germinate faster.

In this second, only use sodium polyacrylate:

How to make homemade hydrogel with layers.

Materials needed.

  • To get started, you need a disposable diaper.
  • In addition, a dark colored sheet to be able to see the crystals.
  • Finally a container with water.


With a disposable diaper you will get this wonderful gel which, when attached to the soil, will bring great benefit to your plants.

  1. To start, lay the layer on a table.

  2. Then you need to open it in half using scissors, then tear it with your hands.

  3. The coating must then be torn from side to side.

  4. The next step is to place the sheet on the table.

  5. Then turn the diaper over onto the case and start rubbing gently to get the crystals out.

  6. Then with your hand, stack the crystals in the center of the sheet, this so that you can collect them all without wasting.

  7. Then take the crystals in a bowl, then put the amount of water that can cover it, wait a few seconds and check the gel.

  8. After a few minutes, if you see that the crystals can still grow, add a little more water.

  9. Finally, add the gel to the soil or compost that you will use on your plants.

Crystals are a super absorbent polymer which, when wetted and absorbed by water, turn into a gel.

In addition to conditioning the soil of your plants, it makes it more porous, lighter and retains water longer.

It’s a pretty quick procedure, This gel is worth a try and brings your plants to life, it will only take a few minutes.