Why are handmade gifts worth more than bought ones? Because they involve effort, affection for the recipient, and finding a special gift with a charm that those in the store don’t have. For this reason and many others, today we will show you how to make homemade key chains.

how to make leather key chains

Why key chains? Why not? Within the framework of gifts Manufactured, it is among the easiest to make, at an economical price and whose daily use will remember you to whoever receives it. Even if you don’t want to.

Also, let’s face it, between anniversary, The Saints, Christmas, birthdays and other date with a gift, there comes a time when you run out of ideas. It never hurts to know how to make key chains at home and get out of trouble, at least until the next gift arrives.

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How to make leather key chains

Let no one panic. Making leather key chains is easier than it looks. Always, of course, that we opt for option for beginners. We leave the professional to the tanners. However, with the simplest materials, a little dedication, and a minimum of skill, we can outshine Santa himself in the gift world.

What do you need?

  • Leather scraps
  • Machine for making holes in leather
  • Pencil
  • The scissors
  • Washers and machine to place them
  • Key ring

how to make leather key chains

Step 1: drawing – The first thing you need is to know and have design your keychain will have. To do this, draw the shape you want on the back of the leather or take a pattern you like as a template and mark it with the pencil. Once you have it, cut with the scissors and you already have 60% of your keychain. It is advisable to leave a tab at the top or bottom for the next step.

Step 2: tab – To touch hang keychain and, to do this, we bend the tab and point with the pencil where we are going to make the hole to hang it with the other end.

Step 3: hole – With the machine for drilling the holes (those used for the belts when they are small), we drill the marked area forcefully and without fear.

Step 4: Washer – Insert the washers on both sides of the holes, in such a way that the male and the female remain integrated and cannot go out. You can secure it with a few blows of the hammer or the required stone.

Step 5: Keys – You already have your keychain, all you have to do is put the keys car that you are going to give and it will be a gift the recipient will never forget. If they are those of a ship, much less.

How to make key chains with Eva rubber

If leather hasn’t been a problem, making key chains with eva rubber will be even less so. Available in any stationery, this material is the most manageable and is available in gazillion colors. Lots of cake, which is very grateful in this kind of crafts.

how to make eva rubber key chains

What do you need?

  • Two-tone eva rubber
  • Pencil
  • The scissors
  • Key ring

Step 1: squares – The first thing is to cut two rectangles about 10 centimeters long and 3 wide. If we want to give it more color, we can take more squares, one for each color we want to put on the keychain, assuming it should fit in the pocket or bag.

Step 2: Legend – It’s time of write the message that you want to accompany the keychain. The recipient’s name, a date, a secret word … whatever you want. Cut out each of the letters in one of the colors and place them on the rectangle that you have not touched. Leave a space on the initial, to make a hole 1 cm from the edge.

Step 3: glueRemove the adhesive foam rubber and glue them on the rectangle. If you want to give a 3D impression, you can repeat the operation with other colors, and multiply the key ring by two or three.

how to make eva-minion rubber keychains

Step 4: hoop – Press the letters well, then insert key ring through the hole you made earlier. And you already have your personalized keychain.

How to make felt key chains

Another very simple idea for making homemade key chains is to make them with felt. You just have to make the figure you like the most, cut out the pattern on the felt, fill it with foam and sew it. Here we give you an example with a heart because it is one of the easiest figurines to make and you can also decorate it with beads and different details.

How to Make Easy Key Chains Step by Step

Do you have a rope? Well, you’ve almost got a keychain that in the trendy neighborhoods of big cities can sell you for 30 euros. If rubber or eva leather isn’t your thing, you have other options how to make easy key chains step by step. Fun, original and inexpensive key rings.

What do you need?

  • Fine rope or woolen thread (choose the color you prefer)
  • The scissors
  • Piece of cardboard (no more than 5cm wide)

how to make rope key chains

Step 1: roll up – As simple as wind the thin rope, which can be the color you prefer, on the carton. As if you took a cable. The larger the box, the softer your keychain will be.

Step 2: Union – To join the whole rope, take a piece and pass it through the upper part, making a node to grab the whole tangle. Don’t over-tighten the knot, just enough to pull it out of the cardboard and not unravel.

Step 3: splicing – Insert the key ring into the wire that connects the chain, and slide the excess by about 3 cm below where the hoop is. The idea is that the keychain has two attachment points, the top area and the middle area.

how to make key chains

Step 4: InsuranceTighten the knot, make sure that it will not come off. To do this, it is convenient to give it several turns and adjust it as much as possible at the top. Once fixed, you already have your ’90s keychain or, for starters, the first in a long and successful line of key chains made at a price you can choose from.

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