bicycle snow tires with clamps

Experts at Dutch Bike Co, based in the US city of Seattle, never thought about studded snow tires because it “never snows” in Seattle. But this year that has changed, and we had to find an emergency solution, you won’t believe it at first, it’s fast, it’s cheap, and yes, it looks silly. But it works. It works very well.

snow tires for bicycles

You will be able to accelerate, brake and turn in complete safety. They’ll give you really good grip on the toughest pavements, and they’re also thin enough that they won’t be uncomfortable to ride at low speeds.

Detail of snow bike tires

There is no excuse not to use the bike even if it is snowy, if you are still not using it, here are 13 reasons that are sure to convince you.

* NOTE: This will only work for bikes with disc brakes. If your bike is equipped with cantilever brakes, this system will cause serious damage.

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