In case someone can’t find it, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring it came out in 2001. And although Tolkien and his universe already had millions of fans, the spectacular trilogy helped this work reach a lot more people. It is not surprising that despite the passage of time, many people want to learn how to make lord of the rings crafts

How to Make Lord of the Rings Crafts

With a universe as rich, wide and original as that created by JRR TolkienIt would be a sin not to exploit it to the fullest when making crafts. Either between adults or in the process of crafts with kids, the options offered by the saga are endless, so it’s hard to choose what to stay with. If this is your case, we will tell you how to make lord of the rings crafts and therefore where to start.

Lord of the Rings Blanket Crafts

Lord of the Rings Craft: Wooden Picture

We started on Lord of the Rings Crafts with one of the simplest but, at the same time, one of the most attractive. This is a wooden box That you can hang anywhere in your home and, on top of that, it can be any size you want, to fit the space you have.

As you can see you don’t need more than a few boardswhat can you get break a palette and paint. If you want to cut the boards in the shape of an arrow, you will also need a wood saw. Paste everything with special glue for wood And it won’t peel off for ages.

Lord of the Rings Wood Box Craft

From there, the idea is to create a sign of directions in which you indicate all the areas of Middle-earth that you want. In the photo you have an example but you can always add part of your own crop. This, yes, the grace is that the color and the font have some concordance with the area. In just over an hour, you will have a work of art that even elves cannot match.

Lord of the Rings Craft: Bookmark / Door Hanger

It is common for fans of the saga to be avid readers, so that bookmark pages it will come with pearls. To do this, you will need a piece of wood, a chisel, a rope, and black paint (or whatever color you like).

Lord of the Rings handcrafted bookmark and door hanger

All you have to do is make two holes in the piece of wood at the top, through which to pass the rope, and in the body of the wood put the pattern you prefer. Since “You will not pass“of Gandalf, at “My Treasure“of Smeagol, the options are endless. If you want something more elaborate, you can draw the silhouette and color it black.

The result is one of Lord of the Rings Crafts more shocking. Even if you have a slightly larger piece of wood, you can make a hanger for the door.

Lord of the Rings Craft: Cupcakes

When we talk about Lord of the Rings Crafts We also include the ones you can eat and the options are varied and very appetizing. We start with these mini cupcakes with which you will triumph in any meeting of fans of the saga.

You have two options, make both the cake and decorate, or buy the ready-made cakes and limit yourself to decorating. Depending on the weather.

Lord of the Rings Cupcake Crafts

When decorating, the most recommended is the Chocolate, the pastry cream and fondant, to be materials with which to work easily and which will allow you to create all kinds of patterns. As ideas you have bows, arrows, axes, swords, but you can also go for orc helmets, the unique ring or even the crown of Galadriel. A rich and impressive profession.

Lord of the Rings Craft: XL Cupcakes

The difference between mini cupcakes and these XL cupcakes is that these allow you more fancy to create decorative patterns. Not only will they be bigger, but you can give your all as a fan of the saga.

In this case, you can also make the cake or buy it yourself, and when decorating, use fondant like there’s no tomorrow. With so much room to work, you can create from the Eye of Sauron, the entrance to Frodo’s house, the map of Middle-earth, or even Gandalf’s hat.

As a tip, be sure to bring at least one more cupcake than the people you will meet And so you won’t turn those Lord of the Rings professions into a pitched battle more legendary than Helm’s Deep.

Lord of the Rings Craft: Bookmark / Door Hanger

We finished the lord of the rings culinary crafts with a cake topped with the white tree of Gondor. Although it seems more complicated, it is almost easier than the previous cupcakes.

Lord of the Rings Craft White Tree of Gondor Cake

To do this, we need sponge cake, which we will give a rounded shape and cover it with fondant of the flavor we prefer. Once it’s in place, it’s time to make the white tree of Gondor. To do this, we will use a pastry bag with a thin nozzle and draw the tree on the surface. Use a photo to attach and don’t be in a rush to finish it. If you are confused, you can remove it and redo it because fondant allows you to rectify it to some extent.

Lord of the Rings Craft: Candle Holder

How about having a candle holders with all members of the Fellowship of the Ring? All you need is a large glass jar, string, black glass paint, and paintbrushes.

The Lord of the Rings Candle Holder Crafts

To do this Lord of the Rings Crafts you will need to make the design you prefer on the surface of the glass jar. To erase, if you are confused, use alcohol or acetone and start over.

Once you are done, take the string and roll up the neck of the jar making a triple knot to close it. Just put one wide and low candle in the jar and you will see that the result is absolutely magical.