Now that it is summer, you surely like to be able to wear all kinds of accessories or accessories such as bracelets, and in fact one of the most practiced today are those made in macrame and what we can do on our own.

the macrame bracelets It seems they never go out of style, especially for beach season, although in reality they can be used year round. When colored stones and accessories are sewn to the hemp threads, they take on a charm that makes these bracelets a special gift accessory.

What is macrame

Colorful macrame bracelets

Macrame is not a type of yarn or fabric, but is actually a technical, very decorative, which has to do with the fact that tie knots.

In fact, its origin comes from the French which means knot, and at the same time from a Turkish word which means the same thing and which is, makrama.

It’s a pretty old art and in fact its “grace” is that to do it right you have to use your hands.

What is macrame?

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Macrame knots

Macrame bracelets decoration

Although many knots are used in the macrame technique, there are four which are predominant.

  • Knot Lark, the knot square, the knot of coupling and the point of basket.

From these four knots an infinite number of patterns can be created since we can make the simpler ones which are usually done in the lark knot or the square knot or and more elaborate ones such as the basket knot.

Macrame bracelets design

Once we have gained experience in making this type of bracelets, we can say that we can even combine knots in order to have a varied design in the same bracelet.

The last knot of the macrame piece is usually glued with glue or nail polish, although a large knot can also be used.

Now that we have seen what macrame is and what types of knots we have available for making all kinds of patterns, let’s see how to make a beautiful macrame bracelet.

Materials to make a macrame bracelet

Matching macrame bracelets

  • Long hemp thread (5 times the width of your wrist)
  • The scissors
  • Tape
  • Colored beads
  • Buttons

To do macrame bracelets, you need these basic materials and guidelines, when you have familiarized yourself a little with the materials, carefully follow some of these videos to find out how to bring macrame bracelets to life.

You can see them from the simplest to the most difficult, depending on your skill level and the goals you want to achieve. Either way, these videos explain it to you very well and you can learn very closely.

Design macrame bracelets

Macrame bracelets

You can create your own models of bracelets, with more or less difficulty. Among all, we show you this wonderful bracelet that can serve as inspiration to draw your own and then turn it into something tactile. We leave you videos that will allow you to build it, with the different types of nodes and effects.

How to make beaded macrame bracelets

In the following video you can see all the materials and steps required to make a beaded macrame bracelet, to add a more distinctive and special touch. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the thread should be long enough to make the bracelet, and thin enough to fit through the holes in the accessories we have chosen. Other than that we won’t need anything but scissors, just follow the given steps and a little patience.

How to make easy macrame bracelets

At first, it’s best to start with simple designs to learn about the different nodes, patterns, and connectors that can be used. Little by little we can add more colors or more intricate designs, but to start it is good to do it with simple designs in one color like the one we show you in the following video:

How to make elaborate macrame bracelets

You would be surprised what can be done with macrame. With patience and a little skill, you can create jewelry that shouldn’t be envious of those you see in luxury stores. If you don’t believe it, you can take a look at the following video, in which they teach you how to create a luxury bracelet, with very elaborate and amazing designs, to which pearls and other stones have been included to make it even more beautiful. It is true that it is a very difficult job if you are not used to macrame, but believe us, with a little practice it will not be that difficult.

How to turn macrame bracelets into a bracelet

In addition to bracelets, there are many other crafts that you can do macrame to have your own unique plugins. For example, you can perform a bracelet instead of a bracelet. Again, the designs you can create depend on your taste. In this video you have an example of the steps you can take to make your own bracelet, but of course you don’t have to use the same colors or embellishments, it’s your choice. We warn you that the video is in English, but you will still have no problem following the steps:

Flower bracelet

The following video is in Russian but we liked the bracelet so much that we put it on the same one. Also, the language will not be a hindrance so that you can do them if you follow the steps in the video, which are very well marked. It is a bracelet with flower patterns that surround some pearls. An elegant and colorful design, and an accessory that will appeal to more than one for those spring-summer dinners or evenings with friends or as a couple.

How to make crystal macrame bracelets

Another of the most typical ornaments of macrame are the bracelets that they use jewelry, stones or crystals as connectors. This type of adornment always gives a special shine to our bracelet and there are also countless varieties, colors and sizes to choose from. In the video that we show you below we have an example of this type of connectors, in this case it is a simple bracelet with a piece of glass, a special piece of jewelry to celebrate Women’s Day , undoubtedly a very nice gift and Special for dates such as Mother’s Day or the birthday of our partner or a family member.

How to make infinity shaped macrame bracelets

As we always say, the limit when making our creations is set by ourselves. Once we know the basic techniques of macrame design, we can start improvising and designing our own bracelets. The options are endless, like infinite it’s him macrame beside video. It is a bracelet which, in fact, has the shape of the infinity symbol, and which can be made for as long as you wish. For the standard bracelet, you will only need 4 strands of two meters in length (you can do this with two of each color as in the video or choose the colors you want), a pair of scissors and nothing other.

How to make herringbone macrame bracelets

We can also go for much more colorful and hippy options, ideal to wear on the beach, or with the typical anklet designs. In this case, we bring you a video with one of these very colorful macrame bracelets, and with very beautiful and special designs. It is a profession in which we must have all the colors well organized and be careful when making the pattern. But by following the steps shown in the video, you will surely get it without any problem.

How to make wave shaped macrame bracelets

We continue with the original designs to show you this curious Greek wave in two colors, pink and black. Personally, we like it a lot because it was designed in the video, but if you want, you can look for some nicer or more striking colors. Do you want to know how to make a bracelet with this design? Well, you just need to click on play in the following video:

How to make zigzag macrame bracelets

We end up with a very fun, original and relaxed design for a macrame bracelet. It is a zigzag design with multiple colors. This is a fairly simple bracelet to make and can be perfect for those who want to go a step further in designs and colors. Bracelets of this type are also great for girls, many will surely want to learn how to make them have their own bracelet.

How to make macrame bracelets with flowers

The designs we have shown you so far are beautiful and you will see that each has different degrees of difficulty. On this occasion we share a video in which you can see how to make macrame bracelets with flowers, with a low level of difficulty and which you can combine with different colors.

They are so easy to make that you can combine different macrame bracelets with flowers, Different colors, with which you can create great designs.

Also, if you dare to personalize your macrame braceletsFeel free to create the number of flowers you like, varying the distances or including flowers of different colors within the same bracelet.

In the video we show you below, it’s from the DecoIdeas Beth channel, less than 7 minutes. You just need to follow it step by step:

Photos of macrame bracelets

After watching these videos, be sure to watch our macrame bracelets photo gallery, to see all the wonders that can be made with a few threads and decorations.

Thanks to macrame, You can find your own style and always have accessories on hand for every day of the year.

We hope you enjoyed the article and took some notes for your macrame bracelets. Finally, we leave you some links that could be of interest to complete the information contained in the article.

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