the macrame It is a wonderful decorative technique which in some countries has succeeded in provoking a certain fury. Despite, it is true, being a very old technique (it is estimated that it already existed in 2300 BC thanks to the Persian and Assyrian cultures), it continues today to become a decorative method as popular as it is known. Do you want to learn how to make macrame? Here we explain what it is and how you can easily do it at home.

How to make macrame

What is macrame?

Did you know that the macrame technique arose in the year 2300 BC? It is said that this technique began to be used in the Persian and Assyrian cultures, then transferred to Europe and America thanks to the Arabs.

If we had to define what is or what macrame, It is basically a decorative technique consisting of the combination of knots and braiding in order to create fabrics that add charisma to the garment or object.

Regarding the material to be used, it is essential that it is hard and resistant, otherwise, when tying the knot, it could easily break. For this reason, ropes and thick threads are practically used, which are braided and knotted until they create a kind of bobbin lace.

While it is true that it takes a lot of effort, patience and time, it doesn’t have to be difficult. In the article 10 macrame crafts to decorate the house, we showed you how much the effort is worth it and the result is sensational. A artisanal like this which is an art of combining braids and knots, of course it takes a bit of practice and also has different types or degrees of difficulty.

What materials are used when making macrame?

To make macrame you can use different types of materials but always keeping in mind that their resistance will be essential for this job. Between the natural fibers Those most used to using this technique, cotton, linen, yuste, among others, stand out; Of course, we must highlight among all the use of materials such as cotton and silk.

Why him the material must be resistant? Imagine making a knot or braid with loose or weak material, what we are going to find is that it will be impossible, it will come undone in our hands or it will break directly. Therefore, strength will be essential so that it can withstand the pressure of the work and remain firm.

The materials The specifics you need to be able to perform this macrame technique are:

  • Macrame cord: As we mentioned a moment ago, the possibilities are very wide: string or rope in cotton, hemp, jute or even synthetic or recycled material.
  • Stems or branches to tie knots and make them firm. Other options available are earrings or rings.
  • You will need a pencil
  • The scissors

If you’ve ever looked for or heard of more information about working with macrame, you’ve surely heard terms like work cord or filler cord. Well they are not the same and it is important that you can be clear about the difference. The working cord is called this cord, or set of cords, which is used to tie knots; while filler cord refers to the cord or set of cords that surround the knots.

How to Make Macrame Easily: Some Basics

Lark head knot

the lark’s head knot It is considered one of the most basic knots in macrame. In fact, almost every beautiful piece of macrame begins with this basic knot. It is mainly used to tie the strings to the ring, handle or ankle when starting a macrame project.

And how do you make macrame? Follow the simple steps which we discuss below:

  1. Start by folding the piece of macrame cord in half.
  2. Notice that little loop? If so, place this loop under the ring or bar.
  3. Now grab the ends through this loop.
  4. Press hard and you will have the first lark’s head knot!

If you want to tie an inverted lark’s head knot, just tie a larks head knot in the opposite direction. Or, well, just flip the project upside down. In other words, you just need to fold the cord in half and place the loop under the rod. Then bring the hoop forward and pull its two cables or cords through the hoop to tighten it. Ready!.

Make macrame

Square knot

The square knot basically has two essential parts. You need to complete one side first (also called half square knot), then the other side (also called half square right knot), in order to make the full square knot.

Follow the steps we offer below:

  1. Start with two lark’s head knots.
  2. There should be a total of 4 macrame cords.
  3. Take the left outer cord and pass it over the two middle cords.
  4. Now take the right outer cord and place it over the left cord and under the two middle cords or cables.
  5. Now go through the hole on the left side.
  6. Tighten without letting the strings twist.
  7. You now have a square knot made. You will have completed a half square knot.

Now is the time to do the other side …

  1. You should still see the four cords, right?
  2. Take the right outer cord and pass it over the two middle cords.
  3. Take the left outer cable and place it above the left cord and place it under the two middle cables.
  4. Go through the hole on the right side.
  5. Tighten the laces. Your straight half square knot is finished.
  6. You have completed the full square knot.

When you repeat this knot over and over again, you end up with a beautiful pattern of heavily woven or tangled laces. And the result is as astonishing as it is beautiful.

It is also possible to make an alternative square knot. As?:

  1. First, tie a square knot with four cords on the left side.
  2. Tie a square knot with the four cords on the right side.
  3. Now make a square knot with the four central cords (push the two outer cables to the left and right side, to make it easier for you).
  4. Continue to work this pattern, left, right, middle, left, right, middle.
  5. Be sure to tighten the laces, but don’t twist them.