The relevance of music is such that even doctors recommend that pregnant women play songs to the fetus before it is born. So, without being born, imagining the impact that music will have on them when they are babies is something almost exciting. For this reason, today we will show you how to make musical instruments in a traditional and simple way.


Not only that. The ease of construction of these instruments, also will promote the relationship with your children, because you can build it together.

The objective of this initiative, in addition to wanting to bring the particular world of music closer to the little ones, is to help them develop their cognitive capacity, their psychomotor skills and their motor skills. In other words, a very comprehensive exercise.

How to make musical instruments for kids

When it comes to building a musical instrument for your child, it pays to start from the simple. Affordable. We will reach the premium zone, like in his time Stradivarius. At the moment we are in the zone Sesame Street. What does it mean? Well, let’s go for the instrument for beginners: the maracas.

As easy as taking one small plastic bottle. If it is two liters, in some cases it will be higher than the child. No need. Just fill the bottle with something that makes a sound when shaken. With a handful of lentils with certain chickpeasYou can even combine legumes for a crazy combo.


Macaroni, buttons, pipes or marbles are also effective for an instrument that will take you about a minute. There will be five if, in addition to filling the interior, you choose to personalize the exterior. It’s worth it. If you give a touch of color and fun to the outside of the bottle, the little one will go to the maraca like mosquitoes in the light. It’s automatic.

How to make easy musical instruments

Without going beyond the realm of simplicity, this time we are going to enlarge the domestic orchestra with a xylophone. A more colorful and striking instrument, but which already implies vigilance. The reason is none other than glass bottles you have to do it.

Bottles of juice, puree or milk. Anyone can, as long as the glass is quite resistant. After all, they are going to be hit, preferably by a wooden kitchen utensil.

how to make flasks for musical instruments

Once you have the bottles, you only have fill them with water, yes, leaving a different quantity in each of them, so the sound they make is different. If you want to give it the colored dot again, just add a few drops of dye or coloring to the water, and the effect that the homemade xylophone will create will be awesome. Great for Instagram shift photo. You’re welcome.

And since we are, why not build one drums? An instrument for which anything goes. Being punchy, like the xylophone, anything that can be touched can be worth it. Of course, we recommend cans, cardboard or plastic jars. Much more manageable and consumable.


You just need to take wires to hold the elements and duct tape to stick them. The number of items to have? The ones you want. Creative freedom.

Once you’re done, we’ll use the wooden cutlery from the xylophone as chopsticks and for shaving. Rock n Roll.

How to make musical instruments step by step

Once we have the maracas, xylophone and drums the next natural step is guitar. Something more complicated, but essential if you want your family to brand a perfect imitation of The Sabandeños. Of course, for the guitar we are going to need more material and time, so we are going to tell you how to do it step by step.

What do you need?

  • A shoe box
  • 6 rubbers
  • 12 bolts
  • The scissors
  • Paint brushes
  • Tempera
  • Toilet paper roll

Step 1 – Before accessing the box, it is advisable to customize it as you wish. For this we have the tempera, ideal for cardboard boxes, although you can also shoot stickers, glitter, nails… Everything is worth it. At the end of the day, it will be your little one’s guitar, so he chooses.


2nd step – After the process of adjusting the box is dry and finished, draw a circle about 10 cm in diameter at the top of the box. Just above, fit six screws you had and, at the other end, the other half-dozen. Are you getting where things are going, right?

Step 3 – Take the six erasers and cut them, to transform them into elastic bands and pass them from one screw to another. Repeat for the six pairs of screws you have. It is important that the rubber bands are strong and that the knots are well tied, to prevent it from jumping and injuring someone. Music must hurt but when he talks about grief, not because of his beatings.

how to make-color-guitar-musical-instruments

Step 4 – On the side which is under the holeyou will have to do other more, this time smaller. The measurement will be given to you by the toilet paper cardboard roll, which is what you are going to insert into the box. The purpose of the roll is to help the sound reverberate through the snare and find a way out.

Who knows, if your little one keeps catching the music bug, it may end in a conservatory, in music school or, if you’re not so lucky, with a Youtube channel doing covers. Yes, a lot of kids are famous and they’ve been covered by this formula, but the one to play and rehearse at home all day is something that doesn’t get paid. Therefore, our final tip is to make homemade instruments but in moderation.

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