How to make natural edible colors from fruits and vegetables

In this article you will find a simple way to make edible coloring in different colors, yellow, green, red, purple, orange and blue of course. So you can enjoy your favorite desserts without harming your health.

Colorful cookies. Image: Nataliya Hora Shutterstock

Commercial food colors are used to aesthetically enhance our dishes, but not generally do not provide any nutritional benefit. They are used according to business needs.

Despite being harmless, they keep having Side effectsespecially if they are consumed frequently.

The Center for Science Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) at report Food coloring: a rainbow of risks, revealed that there are nine dyes that can have side effects such as hyperactivity, allergies, vision problems, migraines and other more or less mild health problems.

Making natural dyes or dyes can be very simple and even healthy. The ingredients are easy to find and may be available in your home. And they can all be used in cakes, dressings, cookies, among other recipes.

How to make edible natural dyes.

How to make natural dyes
How to make natural dyes. Image: Yakov Oskanov Shutterstock

Green and orange tint.

To make these two colors you will need a blender, in addition to chopped carrots and spinach leaves. Add half a cup of water and mix. Then pass the mixture through a very fine sieve to remove the fibers. You have already!

Blue tint.

Take half a purple cabbage and cut it into medium pieces. Put them in a saucepan and partially cover with water. Cook over medium heat 10 minutes. Before putting out the fire, check that the water is very purple. Pour the water into a saucepan and add less than half a teaspoon of baking soda and mix.

he red cabbage juice It is a pH indicator, so when it comes in contact with another ingredient of a different pH, it reacts by changing color. As the baking soda neutralizes the acid, the juice turns blue.

Red tint.

Take it raspberry and put it in the blender. Strain the juice to remove the fibers. You have already!

Yellow tint.

Peel a mango and cut it into small pieces. Put it in the blender then sift the juice. Ready!

Violet tint.

Socket Blackberry, take it to the blender and follow the procedure described for the previous colors. You have already!

How to store these dyes.

One tip when making these types of dyes is to make them in small quantities. To store them, layer them on ice and keep them in the freezer. Thaw when you need to use them.

Remember that by mixing the colors you get a third. Just follow these rules:

  • Red + yellow = Orange.
  • Red + blue = Purple.
  • Blue + yellow = Green.

Use your ingenuity to create your own colors.