How To Make Natural Homemade Cat Litter
How to make kitty litter. Image: Andrey_Kuzmin – Shutterstock.

Today we will learn how to make natural homemade cat litter with recycled materials. We will make a homemade eco-biodegradable sand with recycled newspapers, water and baking soda.

Commercial cat litter takes years to break down. Chemicals are used in its manufacture which can be harmful to your health and of course that of your pet. We prefer this more environmentally friendly and durable option, which will save you money and not harm the environment. Cats are very clean animals and they don’t like to relieve themselves in dirty or sandy places that they don’t like. With this method in a short time, you can make a lot of homemade sand.

Materials for making homemade cat litter.

  • Old newspapers or unused papers.
  • The water.
  • Biodegradable soap.
  • Sodium bicarbonate.
  • 2 large containers.
  • Strainer.

Instructions for making natural cat litter.

how to make homemade cat litter2
  1. Shred the paper, if you use a shredder, it will be easier and you will save time.
  2. Fill one of the containers with lukewarm water and a little soap. Add the paper and wash it well. Let it soak for consistency.
  3. Drain the pulp using a colander.
  4. Place the pulp in the other bowl with plain water, add baking soda and knead the pasta. Wear gloves to avoid damaging your hands.
  5. Filter the excess water and form small balls of paper with your hands. Leave them in a place where they can dry properly.
  6. When the paper balls are dry enough, you can use them as natural litter in your cat’s box.
How to Make Homemade Cat Litter1

And with that, we get a homemade natural sand that your cat will enjoy. Fill its box with 2-3 cm of our natural litter, removing the cat’s waste daily and changing the litter weekly.

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