If you have the option of being near the snow, or living in an area with freezing temperatures, maybe you’ve thought about building an igloo or a snow fort for fun. In Wood Me, we subscribed to the idea and so we walk you through how to craft or build an igloo below.

how to make an igloo

How to make or build an igloo

From simple snow forts to intricate igloos, there is something undeniable about the satisfaction of forging a structure using materials exclusively provided by the winter sky. If you encounter a lot of snow and feel like getting out there and building something, This is where you need to start.

Build a “quinzee”


A quinzhee or quinzee is a snow cave which is made by digging a mound of snow. They differ from snow forts and igloos in that it is not necessary to make snow bricks.

1. make the mound

With the help of youa snow shovel you have to make a small mountain between 2 meters and 2.5 meters and large enough to meet your needs. It is important to mix snow of different temperatures to harden it – like accumulating snow on the mound and then flipping it as if you were working agricultural soil and that will help you make a good mix.

2.lose the snow after digging

The mound should settle for about 90 minutes to harden. Once the mound is strong enough, begin to sink. If there is a downward side, this is where the entrance should be. You need to start digging from the top and shaping, softening the ceiling and walls as you go. The walls should be 1-2 meters thick, you can put a measuring stick to check the thickness. You can create benches or beds indoors by digging trenches in the snow.

be careful

You must make ventilation holes to avoid suffocation; They also point out that quinzees can fall due to bad snow conditions, increased air temperature, the mound not hardening enough or people climbing to the top can cause misfortune. You have to be very careful.

Make a snow fort


Is there a snowball fight in your future? If so, a heavy snowfall may be more than necessary. Here we have we’ve created one that’s pretty easy to do.

1. Draw an outline of the fortress

With a shovel or broomstick, draw the general lines of your force; It could be just a wall to cover the balls thrown at you or a four-sided structure, depending on how much snow you have.

2. Prepare the bricks

You will need a mold to form the bricks – a bucket, plastic boxes or even a cooler. Look for wet snow rather than powdery snow, which also doesn’t compact. Pack the container with the snow and use a measuring stick to loosen the edges and release the bricks when you are ready.

3. Build the structure

Line up the bricks along the outline, the brick spacing should be a few inches, then you will need to stack the next layer, staggering the edges as you lay the bricks. The the spaces between the bricks must be filled and jointed with snow. Since it is a fort, you just need to build the walls and not worry about a roof.

4. Ice on the walls

Finally, pour buckets of cold water on interior and exterior walls, working from the bottom up to avoid a collapse. As soon as the surface freezes, you are ready for a real snowball skirmish. May the odds always be in your favor.

Build an igloo


The best of your constructions in the snow is undoubtedly the realization of an igloo but it is also the most complicated of all those that we teach you. The instructions below are for building a basic igloo, but if you want to be able to make a more elaborate one, we leave you at the end of this post a good how-to video.

1. Source of snow

Take a snow saw or knife and find a good source of dry, solid, hard snow, this allows the formation of large blocks of snow. Ideally, the blocks would start at about 1 meter long, 15 centimeters high and 20 centimeters deep. You should also smooth the edges of each block.

2. Assemble the building

Mark a circle in the snow and start placing the snow blocks in said circle, alternate blocks like conventional brick with each new row. The blocks should be collapsed as you shape your work and shape them so that they lean inward to create the arch. The blocks must function in such a way that they meet. You may need to support the structure with poles inside until the dome is complete to avoid collapse.

The last piece will be the center of the top. Find a block larger than the hole and designed to fit comfortably. Then cut a door with your snow saw. Pack loose snow in all crevices and crevices and smooth interior walls. Finally, you have to excavate a tunnel to the door and cover it with an arch of several blocks of snow. And don’t forget to make ventilation holes in the frame to avoid suffocation.

If you want to see how an authentic igloo is made, We leave this video to you to see how two men from the far north of Canada build one in an hour and a half.