When you take a step back in time, when you didn’t have so many responsibilities or so many headaches, you always end up in childhood. In a park, play with friends and make the most important decisions with paper plane race. The truth is, they were very ingenious and remembering them makes us see that paper planes are an art. Even as adults, many of us are content with a basic four-fold design. But you know what? In DIY10 we will teach you how to make paper planes. Not only to remember the childhood, but to understand how they fly, as well as the best designs and for the less manageable ones, we will have how-to videos so you can see how they are done step by step.

how to make paper planes

Keys for making paper planes

Of course, making paper airplanes is not just a desire. With ten years, everything kind of paper, but today we have a basic knowledge of physics which makes us understand that a cardstock airplane, don’t fly like a Newsprint plane.

If what we are looking for is efficiency, it is not enough to make crazy folds, we must have basic features.

  • Although the wind does not seem to be a very big obstacle, it is a factor that affects the trajectory. We need a material that strong, as if to eliminate these trajectory alterations caused by the wind. But also enough lightweight, so as not to weigh too much.
  • If we want it to fly fast, we must already be clear that the wings should be medium to small. The big ones create a balloon effect. They fill with air and the flight slows down, deviating from their target.
  • We cannot decorate the paper planes. By keeping them smooth, we don’t alter their structure. Adding stickers adds weight and if we color them with markers the paper soaks up and alters the structure.

In order to make these keys so that the paper plane flies a lot and travels long distances, we need office sheets. They are light, but also resistant. There are different thicknesses, you have to know that they must be thick enough that you cannot see through it, nothing at all. There are also colors, so you can make planes different colored paper, if you don’t want them to be blank.

How to make paper airplanes

Knowing the keys we need to make a good paper airplane, we teach you different techniques so that you can find out how to make them in a simple and efficient way. Some may seem convoluted, but it will be worth it, for the way they fly. Pay attention to the following list.

How to make paper planes: Duck

duck-paper planes

Duck It’s duck in French, this model of plane has the horizontal stabilizer in the front position in front of the wings, unlike a classic plane where it is behind them.

How to make paper planes: shuttle

paper shuttle planes

These paper planes mimic the ships used by NASA to transport space shuttles. So if you are a space lover you will love it.

How to make paper planes: locked


While this aircraft model does not have the front end like we are used to, it should not be underestimated as its aerodynamic design makes it fly very high.

How to Make Paper Airplanes: Triplane

paper triplane planes

Do you remember how many hours and hours you spent in class making airplanes in class while the teacher was talking? The triplane model is very easy to make and I fly a lot.

How to Make Paper Airplanes: Little Nicky

how-to-make-paper-planes-little Nicky

No doubt it looks like a spaceship and the nose of the paper plane, it’s rare, because it doesn’t end in a point, but in some kind of shovel, but it’s super efficient to fly.

How to make paper planes: Delta

how to make delta paper planes

It looks like a flat piece of paper with nothing you can see that is resistant to air and flight, but it’s made so that its aerodynamic design makes it fly for a long time.

How to make paper planes: glider


It is arguably the most common aircraft. Surely you have seen it and it is even familiar to you, because its design is simple and if you see the instructions it is very similar to when we made airplanes, only the tip is straight and not triangular like we used to do in the old days.

How to make paper planes: Gómez


It becomes a closed structure, in the form of a wing which goes without an engine, but it has been studied so that, with its design, it is very light and cuts the air.

How to make paper planes: Glider 2


Known as the number 2 glider, this design is also quite simple, and also, you could tell it was the plane we made when we were little, but if you notice it the folds make it look more aerodynamic.

How to make paper planes: the Hawkeye


It certainly looks like an evolved take on the paper planes they’ll be playing with in the distant future, but aside from being really eye-catching, it’s very effective on the fly. The folds make it an armor.

How to make paper planes: the needle

how to make-planes-paper-needles

Without a doubt, for those who are more expert in the field, those who have patience and those who have some skill with their hands, as its design has many folds and can be somewhat complicated, but it will surely be worth it , because its finished arrow shape, it will give you an advantage on fast flights.

How to make paper planes: Silke

how to make silke paper planes

It looks like a simple, running design and it seems at first glance that a sigh won’t last much longer, but it has been studied in detail so it is perfect for those who want to bet and make it look like their plane is cheap, leaving later, for everyone was speechless.

How to make paper planes in video

If your thing is not to read the instructions but to follow them live and on the move, don’t worry, here are some videos for you to make other designs of. paper planes. Don’t lose the details of these designs.

How to make paper planes in video: lightweight

Simple in design and almost aerial because it is small, but it has a lot of power and can stay in the air efficiently.

How to make paper planes in video: ship

In appearance, it resembles a spaceship, its structure is made in such a way that the folds give it this attractive appearance, but it also makes it resistant to variations in the air.

How to make paper airplanes in video: professional

Without a doubt, only the experienced or those who want to challenge themselves can do it, because this plane is not impossible to do, but it has its thing. Because it’s not time spent, but precision.

How to make paper planes in video: Concorde

Over ten years ago, the Concorde airplane model stopped flying, but its elegance, beauty and speed have always shocked us. We are therefore going to recreate a paper so that it can fly very high.

How to make paper planes in video: Jaguar

This model of airplane has a very sporty line, it is compact and it also flies a lot and very high. Do you dare to do it?

How to make paper planes in video: F14

For aerogami there is nothing impossible, so if you are a fan of the American F14 fighter and want to relive the Vietnam War with your paper planes, you can achieve it if you follow this explanatory video step by step. not.

How to make paper airplanes in video: F16

This model, like the previous one, is based on planes used by the armed forces. Its design, movements and speed make it one of the most sought after aircraft by flight enthusiasts.

You already know the wonders of the paper plane, the variety there is, and how, with a little patience, you can build something amazing that can take off. And how do you know how to make paper planes, we invite you to make one and tell us about your experience.

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