Without doubt on more than one occasion we have encountered the case of not finding a suitable bag to store the things that are most valuable to us. Because it is not the same thing to keep a figurine in a plastic bag as in a paper bag, very pretty and neat.

how to make paper bags

Not only that, maybe we want to keep something for someone in a suitable bag, give them something and not give it to them at the typical purse or just, you want to avoid wrapping it up, but the deliver in a bag beautiful and original. They are more useful than you might think and also, they are very personal if you know how to make paper bags.

What do we need to make paper bags

Without a doubt, what we need most is paper, other than scissors and white glue and whatever details you want to put on it, to make it personal. But we have to focus on one kind of paper. It is not the same role for make paper planes What to do paper bags. Of course, the best role is the gift wrap, because besides being decorated, you can put more things in it, it is easy to handle and if the gift is small, you can do it by different colours, because it will be quite simple.


But we must be original and create bags of all sizes, if necessary. For this reason, we recommend that you use wrapping paper or newspaper for small gifts and stronger wrapping paper for larger items. In Primark, sell a super strong wrapping paper. Perfect for making bags.

Aside from these types of paper and other materials, always have a blank card on hand.

How to make paper bags

Of course, when we talk about paper bags, we are not talking about an envelope where to place the gifts or to decorate a brown bag, which we have already bought. We’re talking about doing it from scratch. And if you think I’m going to explain the video of how it’s done (with a template and all) or take a custom ruler, one or two inches wide by five high and things like that … you you are completely wrong. In DIY10 we love the details, but we love the simplicity.

To do this, we only have to take the paper that we are going to use and an object or a box that has the side of the size that interests us, because this same side we will use as a pattern.

How to make paper bags: measurements

how to make paper bags measure

We take the shoebox for example and we take a piece of paper, a newspaper or a gift, measurements of the box, as if we were going to wrap this box. So you don’t have to catch big either.

How to make paper bags: packing

how to make paper packaging bags

We leave the box still, cover the right and left side, normally, as if we were wrapping it for a gift, but this time it is not fixed with tape, but with a little white glue. When it has dried and the sides of the paper do not come off, we move to one of the sides, which are left open. We even out the edges and remove the excess, if we see that the folds are going to be very large.

We bend, in a straight way, completely closing the outlet on this side, but instead of tape we will use glue and wait for it to dry. We run our hands well in the corners and let the shape of the paper bag rest.

How to make paper bags: folding

Put some weight in and when the bag doesn’t move, move to one side. With one hand, put your fingers in a corner and push the paper to bring these two ends together. With the other hand, you pull the piece of paper between these two ends. Follow the parting all over the body of the bag, to get the parting line.

How to make paper bags: reinforced


When everything is dry, just carefully remove the shoebox or the one we used. When we remove it, we will have a sort of bag, but without forms. The first thing we’re going to do is cut out a piece of cardboard the size of the base and glue it to the bottom, now the base is more solid. Do the same with the edges. Glue a strip of cardboard a few inches from the edge and when it is dry fold the edge inwards, so that it covers it and thus you have the edge of the bag, also reinforced.

You only have attach handles, glued from the inside, be it rope, rope, rubber and you can have your paper bag, made from scratch and completely by hand.

This technique can be used with any size you want to work with, as long as you have a box or reference point to wrap around and get the size you want. From there and with the bag done, you can decorate them in a thousand ways.

Types of paper bags

Here are some ideas to see what can be done with the base of the paper bag and then, with a little creativity. You can customize them as you like, to make them a success.


You can place silk paper inside, to hide a birthday present or candy.


With patent leather paper, transform the bags into characters of Sesame Street. Perfect for birthday treats.

how to make monster paper bags

Bags that become monsters. The little ones will surely love to entertain their friends with dolls of this type or to create them themselves, to store their things.


These are precious to him birth of a baby, with individual bags with a touch of pearls, perforated wafers and cardboard butterflies.

how to make paper bags wrap gifts

A detail for the party guests. With a simple brown basic bag and eye circles and newspaper for a more casual touch. Very simple, but very personal.

how to make felt paper bags

These are the most fun. They are white and there is no decoration on the paper, but with felt dolls, you can turn the bag into something unique.

Now you know how to make paper bags and you will have no excuse not to find a unique and personal packaging, for gifts or details that you want to give to your family and friends. But beware, they may like the bag a lot more.