Paper boats and spinning tops will never go out of style. Because? Because everything is cool. In fact, they’re so cool that they each deserve an item, and in this case, you have to navigate a puddle, lake, river, or fountain. Everything is allowed to see how our manufactured sailboat stays afloat.

But of course, in order for it to navigate, you first have to know how to make paper boats step by step. And we are in those. At first, it may seem like a childish and a bit naughty activity. It is possible, but that does not detract from the pleasure. As well as being perfect for doing with your kids and teaching them how to make their own boats, it will help you spend some quality time with them.

It won’t be the first time that an adult has taken a liking to naval origami and tried to build their own fleet. We are warning the sailors, before they read on, that this hangs on and once you build your first ship you will aspire to have a frigate or an aircraft carrier. Of course, this is a healthy and healthy vice, which is why we give you the first push, by explaining how to make paper boats step by step.

How to make paper boats step by step

Once you get the hang of it, it will take you less than a minute to build one of your war machines to scale. As this moment comes, we show you how to make paper boats step by step. We will do this using a DIN-A4 sheet as a base.

Step 1 – Take the sheet of paper and fold it in half. The first step is easy, right? Don’t think that things are going to get too complicated.

2nd step – Take the two upper edges and bring them to the center of the sheet, so that the edges are horizontal to each other, glued to the center.

Step 3 – Take the excess from the bottom and carry it full to the top, as shown in the photo. With only three steps, we already have the shape of a boat. The stuff is not bad.

Step 4 – Take the two corners of the base that you have just folded and make a small fold. Although it may seem like a trifle, it is important that the boat is tidy.

Step 5 – Put your hand in the hole in the base and let it play. Let the air in. Leave it open without a problem, as long as you don’t throw it in the water, there will be nothing to worry about.

Step 6 – Take one side and bring it on the other, so that it fits perfectly. As if you were folding a sheet. Lift the tip until it meets the top

Step 7 – Turn the page over and do the same operation but on the other side. Mirror mode activated.

Step 8 – Join the spikes at the bottom and leave the boat as it appears in the photo, shaped like a pyramid or a burrito with a beak, depending on your preference.

Step 9 – Put your fingers in the area that allows it and release it. Your creation should look like a croaking frog mouth or open lips

Step 10 – Take the two top tips and pull them, you will see that the paper gurruño takes the shape of a boat, to the amazement of all present, including you.

Step 11 – And we already have the boat. Now all you need is a sailor with lights, some water, and a limited time but very nice sail.

Materials for making paper boats

One of the great advantages of this hobby is that materials for making paper boats it is extremely economical. By purchasing a pack of 500 sheets of DIN-A4, around 7 euros, you can have, if you don’t break any, a fleet of 500 ships. Not bad is not it? This without counting the cost of mooring.

However, there are other materials that you can also use which will give you more alternatives of colors and textures.

  • Folios Din-A4
  • Newsprint (a timeless classic)
  • Cardboard
  • Eva rubber
  • Table napkin

However, anything goes. Except that with certain materials, its durability on the water will be greater. In other words, your intention is for them to sail.

Ideas for making paper boats

The world of naval origami is endless. Since The rascal, to the yacht of Roman Abramovich, passing by a simple barge, the options are endless. However, we are going to give you some ideas for making paper boats that will drink your motivation.

The first, a Sink the float with real paper boats. As easy as making two old-fashioned boards and building paper boats of different sizes and for two players. You know, 4 one-bay ships, 3 two-bay ships, two three-bay ships, and one four-bay. So instead of drawing them in the rough, you will have your own personalized 3D version of this glorious game.

Another of the most common ideas is to pay homage to the Marine Invincible, rebuilding all the ships he had. A lot of? Go simple: Pinta, the Girl and the Sainte Marie. Okay, making three caravels is complicated, but you’re not going to spend your whole life making the standard paper boat, right? We will have to look for new challenges and Christopher Colombus seems adequate.

Finally, and as an idea premium, If you are confident that your boats will last long enough in the water, there is an ideal option. It is wax paper, available in specialty stores. This role is waterproof but very easy to use. This will allow you to enjoy your creations for longer.

Of course, consider tying a string or wire to the boat, if you are going to be sailing in large spaces. Otherwise, which you neglect, the current will carry it and it will appear, why not, in Japan. Just in case it happens, it won’t hurt leave a message written on the paper And whoever finds it hallucinates in color. Something like: “This March 4, 1932 seems to be my last day of life and this ship, my last companion …” Great.

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