If you want to decorate your Christmas tree or your home with beautiful and creative paper doves, we show you how to make them for this Christmas 2020 in a few simple steps. Moreover, we will show you how to make them with other materials so that you can choose the easiest one for you.

How to make paper doves on the Christmas blanket

Doves have always been associated with peace and Christmas, in a way it also mentions this fact or desire for peace to be something real and possible for everyone, not just a chimera that things can get better. If peace is not possible, at least keep these 5 original ways to fold napkins for Christmas


Of course if you want something more than doves on your Christmas tree, we show you how to make a paper snowflake for Christmas decoration

How to make paper doves for Christmas 2020

Making Christmas doves is one of the easiest tasks you are going to find, especially if you choose to make them with a material like paper that is easy to get and easy to work with. To obtain a perfect, symmetrical result and to make the task very easy for you, the ideal is to use a model.


An advantage of using the White dove As a decoration of the Christmas tree, they give it a special and distinctive touch, recovering old traditions instead of always using the typical Christmas balls or garlands.

How to make paper doves for Christmas kids

Another bonus is that you can easily create them with the little ones at home, get them involved in decorating as well, making crafts together and spending time in the company of others.

How to make paper doves in Christmas colors

Then we show you how to do them step by step:

Materials for making Christmas doves

  • Tracing or vegetable paper
  • Pencil
  • The scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper
  • Strings

How to make Christmas doves


You need to draw the popcorn shaped stencils on the tracing sheets, making two wings and two identical bodies, then cut.

How to make paper doves in Christmas 3D

Thanks to the tracing paper, the pigeon will stay the same so that you can make all the pigeons stay exactly the same.

How to make paper doves out of a Christmas tree blanket

To can hang them on the Christmas tree The only thing you will need is to make a hole, using a needle, in the top of it or where you want to hang it, and use a thread or adhesive tape so you can hang it anywhere you want.

How to make a garland of pigeons

If in addition to making doves for the Christmas tree, you want to prepare a christmas dove garland to hang them in your house you just need to fold a sheet of tracing paper or baking paper so that you have two doves joined together and in this way you will have to cut them out.

How to turn paper doves into Christmas twigs

With a pencil, you can sketch the design of the models, and following these lines, you mark the paper. Another option, if the model you have is very basic, is that instead of taking it and doing it with baking paper, do it with a simple sheet or white sheet. This way the pigeons will be a little more cohesive (but come on, it’s already your choice).

What we want to do or achieve is for our pigeons to have volume so that we add two more to the two pigeons we made with the baking paper.

For it We take the glue, and we place it in the center of the pigeon’s body. We then glue the two pigeons, which are actually four.

If you want to join the pigeons and make them look good, you will have to fold them the upper wings and tail and glue them together


The only thing you have to do or have to finish is pass a rope. With it you will get your wonderful Christmas decoration with paper doves.
If you want to be able to make this type of ornament but in another way, you can also watch this video that we leave you below. You will see that it is simple.

Paper doves for Christmas with volume


In this other photo you can see how to make a different kind of Christmas dove, we keep using paper as a key part of it but acquire a different kind of volume than the ones we showed you previously.

How to make Christmas origami paper doves

Yes it is true that we must take into account that this type of the pigeon is a little more complicated to do than the previous ones, as it will have more parts like wings or tail, but it can also be done using paper, scissors and glue.

How to make blue Christmas paper doves

Definitely, if you want to make a paper dove for christmas more realistic, this is your option.

Christmas felt doves

I know this article is about paper doves for Christmas but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to show you another option which can be very interesting like the felt crafts and the beautiful result you can have with it.

On this occasion, we will change the folio for the felt and the glue stick is better to change it for needle and thread or hot glueIt will depend on your options and how much time you can devote to the trade.


The beauty of felt crafts and, more precisely, of the felt pigeons is that they have a voluminous body, as much as you want, which is much more realistic and captures the attention of anyone. The negative point is that not everyone can do it, it is not a good option when talking about crafts with very young children.

If you opt for felt to make your decorative christmas doves Also choose yellow or gold thread, as you can see in the photo, you will see what a spectacular result.

How to make doves with Eva rubber for Christmas

Another of the materials very frequently used for crafts, both for Christmas and for crafts, is the eva rubber.

How To Make Paper Doves For Christmas From Eva Rubber

So that you can see step by step, we have chosen this video in which they show how to make doves with eva rubber for fofuchas, a step by step that is also valid for making Christmas doves and get a great result:

Video about making Christmas doves from paper

It is true that we have wonderfully explained how to make paper christmas doves. Now, there’s nothing like a video with all the steps to follow to better understand how to make this Christmas craft. In the end, seeing the whole process always helps a handyman.

How To Make Paper Doves As A Christmas Couple

Also, in this video about making Christmas doves out of paper You will find that this method is extremely simple and you will be able to make a pigeon in just over two minutes.

To begin with, you must draw the profile of a pigeon on a sheet of paper and use it as a pattern to draw and cut out another profile, this time on a white card. Before you cut it out, draw a line about 3cm down the center of the dove, more or less where the wings will go, to give you an idea. This line you will have to cut it with a utility knife when you have cut out the profile of the dove.

The next step is draw the beak and eyes of the dove. Remember to do this on both sides of the white cardboard, as it is normal for the pigeon to hang from the ceiling and be seen from both sides. When you’ve drawn it, take a separate sheet of paper and watch it fold into an accordion shape. Make folds of about 2 cm, until you have finished folding the entire sheet.

How To Make Easy Christmas Paper Doves

The result, bellows style, you have to put it in the slit you cut in the dove and, once inside, unfold the folio to mimic the wings. You already have your pigeon. Now if you want to hang it, you will need to make another hole on the fenders and run a white thread or transparent fishing line through it.

Christmas decoration

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