In DIY10 We love making our own crafts, the kind of things that can be made with very everyday things. In this case, we get creative and show you a tutorial for making paper flowers. In addition, at the end of the article we leave you a series of videos so that you can see some concrete examples. Ready to decorate your home with the most beautiful paper flowers?


Few things better regulate on special dates than a bouquet of flowers made by yourself, without having to resort to a bouquet of fresh flowers that will eventually die. Ok, we know that natural flowers are very beautiful, have a great aroma and are a symbol of romanticism. But often the DIY crafts, in which we take our time, is a much more welcome detail.

And this is precisely where paper flowers come in, a Arts and crafts ideal for many and varied contexts, for example to decorate a girl’s birthday room, to offer a bouquet to a couple or a family or to decorate any corner of the house.

paper flowers

the paper flowers These are not just pieces of colored cardboard, with a circle of another color in the middle. It all depends on your ability to get a beautiful bouquet. Of course, you need to be clear about which flower you want to create and you can even make your own designs. But for that you will have to first guide yourself with a few models and practice a little in this paper craft, if you are still a novice.

Do you dare to try the experience with us? Here are some examples for making paper flowers. We start with one of the most sensual and famous flowers, the carnation.

Paper flowers: carnations

We need ten tissue paper sheets twelve centimeters on each side. We will put them all together, on top of each other and carefully begin to bend, to make a spring, making sure that each fold does not exceed one centimeter.

When we have our spring, we take a piece of green thread, which is lined with plastic and which we usually use to have clothes, to hold the center with the outside, but without tearing the paper. You can use this type of yarn or a little more paper, it all depends on what you want to do and what materials you have.


We will have a kind of bow tie and now, little by little, we take the first layer and with small dry tugs, we push the sheet towards the center. We do the same with the other leaves on both sides and at the end we will have a beautiful carnation.

Paper flowers: superimposed

It is certainly the more vintage flowers What are you going to find? You only need colored cards, if there is satin better. You can find them in Asian bazaars. And the other part is the newspapers. If you don’t like newsprint, you can just use any black and white paper that has a nice design, like birds in the sky or musical notes.

Cut out the simple shape of a flower, from large petal. Five petals will do, but don’t cut them separately. Cut them out like you cut out the silhouette of a flower.

Do the same with the satin card stock. But this time the flower size is a little smaller, so that the contrast of the two types of flowers can be seen. You can do this with five or four petals, however you like. Take a piece of plain card stock and make an even smaller flower, in the same style, to finish with this overlapping flower. It doesn’t have to be cardboard, you can do it with other materials, such as newspaper or music note paper.

overlapping paper flowers

All you have to do is put one on top of the other and secure them with a drop of hot silicone in the center. To give it a little more grace, place both in the hollow of a glass, so that the petals come up a bit and leave them there for a few hours, until they get used to the shape.

Do you want to give it a more glamorous touch? Pick up some shiny decorative stones from the bazaars, and instead of making the last flower, place a gemstone in the center of each one. They will be amazing.

Let’s continue to look at other examples of paper flowers that can be quite beautiful. Now it’s the turn of the roses.

Paper flowers: roses

In addition to being one of the most modern and vintageWe are faced with a super simple job. We only need a cardboard disc in the desired color. You can start with red or if you want to be daring, take one that is blue or purple in color.

pink paper flowers

We take the disc about eight inches in diameter and start to spiral cut, so that there is a long irregular strip but one centimeter thick more or less.

As a result, it’s a big spiral and you just need to pick it up and spin it around on itself. Glue the base with a little hot silicone, so that it does not come off and you just need to take some coiled wire silk paper and glue it to the base of the rose, to have a perfect pink.

Paper flowers: recycled

With strips of newspaper, bits of gift wrap or magazines and a piece of a toilet paper roll we can make a flower of the most original.

recycled paper flowers

Cut out a two-centimeter ring from the toilet paper roll and depending on the thickness of the ring, cut strips of paper of the same thickness. With the same strip, create the shape of a petal and glue it to the base of the future flower. Make as many petals as you want and adjust them and then you will only have to glue a piece of cardboard to cover the hole or leave it as it is.

This is perfect for decorate the walls, hang them in different places, as if they were pictures, since you can put pictures in the center or hang them from the ceiling in a room or on the terrace of your house.

Paper flowers: daisies

This kind of the flower is quite simple. Everywhere you see it, it has hundreds of petals, don’t worry because we haven’t glued them one by one because that would be crazy.

Alone we need a silicone gun, cardboard in the color we like the most, and very sharp scissors. We take the piece of cardboard and fold it back on itself until we see that it has several folds. It should have the shape of an elongated and thin rectangle, like a cane. With the scissors at one end we make cuts at one end. So that each cut exceeds ten centimeters. So one end of our cardboard cane is left shredded.


We will ensure that the cuts are regular and have the same thickness, so it will be necessary to pass the scissors several times. When we see that it’s ready. We cut the tube, one centimeter from the cut of the scissors, unfolded it and started to roll it on itself, pressing it firmly so that it did not protrude. When we are done, you just need to fix it with hot silicone. When the silicone is dry and cold, we push the petals, with our whole hand and if necessary, we leave it like that for a long time and face down, on the table, to fix it A daisy. As you can see, it wasn’t that hard.

Video of making paper flowers: daisies

As we planned at the beginning of the article, now we are going to show you a series of videos with which you will surely be able to see better the steps to make paper flowers. In addition, you will surely learn other tips and procedures which can be of great help. We start with a video in which you can see a lot better how to prepare the margaritas we talked about:

Video of making paper flowers: hyacinths

The hyacinths are another beautiful flower that is relatively easy to make with paper. And we say relatively, because this machine has its crumb and its little trick. In one of the steps we are going to have to roll the paper along the rod in a certain way. This is the most important part of the job. But to better understand what we are talking about, it is best to see this video for yourself:

Video of making paper flowers: roses

Of course, there are few flowers so beautiful and so typical in gardens that the roses. They are a symbol of elegance, passion, romanticism. And they are also beautiful in all their shades: passion red, soft pink or white, it doesn’t matter. In the following video, you can see how to create originals step by step paper roses. They are not exactly the same as the real ones, but they are definitely very stylish and “different”.

Video about making paper flowers: lilies

In this case it is a fairly simple job, we could say that for beginners anyone can do it, the only thing you need to have is a little patience because you have to repeat several steps several times, as they already warn us in the video. However, the process itself is pretty straightforward and the end result is pretty cool as well. If you want to make a flower that is a bit original and that is outside the typical carnations and roses, some lilies they may be an option to start.

Video of making paper flowers: tulip

Surely many of you already know about origami or typical Japanese paper figurines. These figures are performed by folding the paper, without using scissors, glue or any other type of outside help. It would be surprising to see what many people are capable of doing in this art. We can start with something simpler, for example do some simple paper tulips. It’s a pretty easy craft, but what the art of origami has is that you have to be very specific and do all the steps in order to make the figure look exactly the way you want it. In the video that we leave you below, you can see it much better:

Video showing how to make paper flowers: lilacs

Lilacs are other beautiful flowers typical of our landscape, distinguished by their striking color. These are flowers that are also quite easy to make with paper, especially if you’ve already seen the technique used to make hyacinth. The process of making lilac paper is very similar. You just need a thin stick long enough to act as a stem and a long strip of purple paper. A series of cuts are made on the strip a short distance around one end, and then they are rolled slightly diagonally, so that we go down the post as we roll. You can see it better in the following video:

Video of making paper flowers: cactus

Cacti are plants that need very little water to live, but these paper cacti will need it even less. Plus, who says cacti aren’t pretty plants? In the following video you can see how to make paper cacti to decorate certain corners of your house.

Here are some of the paper flowers What can you do. As you will see there are different difficulty levels, but you can try them all and with a little experience you can make bouquets that will make the house happy.

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