Of course you saw paper garlands to many parties. DIY decoration (do it yourself or do it yourself) is becoming more and more fashionable and appeals to young and old. It’s a way to decorate the celebrations in a way simple and inexpensive. These types of garlands can be seen at both birthdays, christenings, and even weddings.

It is a very beautiful decoration that is easily done. same the little one in the house can help you. You will have fun and get a fantastic finish.

basic paper quilts

There is very simple models, like the one in the picture above, which can be done in a very short time and look very beautiful. The key is to choose the right colors. Also if you want to save even more time you can sew the flags with a sewing machine. It will be very simple and fast.

paper flower garlands

But if you want to go further, there is more elaborate models Although they require more dedication, they are valuable. They are not usually very difficult paper garlands, just you must master the manufacture of each item, then repeat it several times.

In the case of the image above, it is rolled paper roses with different pressures and sizes. to choose different types of paper and colors, the paper garland is prettier.

How to make paper garlands

You want to learn how to make paper garlands? The basis is very simple. You just have to choose an item you like, and repeat it by joining them with ropes, or between them.

Paper garlands the simplest are the links. They are usually done in schools because they are easy and fun. All you need are rectangles of paper, very elongated, in different colors. You must close the rectangles with staples or glue, joining, so that they do not fall.

how to make paper tie garlands

You can have a very long garland in a short time, and if you combine the colors well, the finish will be fantastic.

But if you’re looking for something even simpler than this, you will love the following idea on how to make paper garlands. You just need to attach different colored cupcake wrappers.

how to make pastel paper garlands

With a needle and thread you can browse all the papers in the middle. You have to place them face to face, that the top of one paper sticks on top of another. And the bottom of this stick with the bottom of the next. The finish is very original and you can do it in minutes.

How to make crepe paper garlands

One of the most used materials When considering how to make a paper garland, crepe paper is used. Crepe paper is easy to use and very resistant. It can be twisted without breaking, it is thick but not too thick, and you can find it in many different colors.

Plus, since they sell it with some folds, its handling is even much easier. And this will give the paper garlands mobility and freshness.

how to make a crepe paper garland

With scissors, string or twine and a few sheets of crepe paper you can get very nice finishes. Later we will see how to make paper garlands step by step, but as you can see in the picture the workmanship is beautiful. Also as it’s a role that tends to be open, you need little material to make the garland look beautiful.

how to make twisted crepe paper garlands

You can even achieve fresh and original finishes by playing with the paper and twisting it. How to make crepe paper garlands is only limited by your imagination, because withstands all kinds of treatments and is easily handled.

How to make paper garlands step by step

The first thing to do when thinking about how to make paper garlands step by step is to prepare the materials. You need the paper, of course, and like we said if possible, it is crepe paper. Scissors, glue or staples (it depends on the model you are going to make) and the string of the garland. It can be yarn, wool, rope or any other type of material.

how to make paper garlands step by step

Paper pom pom garlands are among the simplest and most colorful. Only you have to cut the rectangles of paper making fringes and leaving an uncut area, like in the image above.


Then you wrap these rectangles and You attach them by the uncut part. So all the bangs are down and you open them a little with your hand. They are ready for join the other elements with the rope and decorate any party.

How to make paper garlands for birthdays

The most common is learn how to make paper garlands for birthdays. These are the parts most prone to this type of decoration, and they like young children as well as adults.

You can make paper garlands like the ones we’ve seen throughout the article. But you will definitely want include a special more dedicated to the birthday boy. For example, congratulating the party.

For this special garland, you can use flags, and in each of them, put one of the letters of the message you want to convey. You can make multiple paper garlands with each word, or a very long one. And you can also make the pennants with crepe paper.

how to make-paper-garlands

It is very colorful paper garlands, which you can also reuse on different occasions, or give them to the party protagonist. It’s a beautiful detail!

On the other hand, something that generally looks great and is easy if you know how to make paper garlands for birthdays is include the name of the birthday boy. You can make it into a separate garland or include these flags in crepe paper garlands with figures like the ones we’ve seen.

how to make a name out of paper garlands

As you see it over there many different and very simple solutions thinking about making paper garlands. The key is to choose the right colors, especially if you are going to a theme party. AND with patience and a little time you can decorate the whole room or the garden with pretty paper garlands.

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