The Spanish designer Enrique Romero has created a line of accessories, among which stands out a collection of lamps, in papier mache, in which very basic elements are used, available in any home. In this way, the famous designer gives relevance to an activity which, in recent years, has acquired particular importance in the world of DIY and renovation. Arts and crafts: Making papier-mâché lamps.

Making lamps out of papier mache seems easy. However, from the get the paper, until the desired shapes are achieved, involves processes that involve certain difficulties.

Let me explain: papier mache is nowhere to be found available at any stationery or DIY store. The papier mache is obtained through a process, which we will of course explain to you in the elaboration of this article. But you can get, in some DIY stores, some kind of dust, with which you will avoid some of the work of obtaining papier mache.

Let’s go to practice, starting with the procedure for get the papier mache.

How to make papier mache lamps step by step

The pulp needed to make papier mâché is obtained by mix of different types of paper, being the newspaper the ideal. The paper is divided into small pieces and put cook in water, adding paper glue and small amounts of plaster or chalk. The greater the amount of plaster or chalk, the much heavier and more difficult the mixture will be to mold.

In the absence of plaster or chalk, one can use flour, in this case, it is advisable to add formaldehyde to avoid the formation of mold and the emission of bad odors.

When we get a uniform mixture, we liquefy it to obtain a paste that can be easily shaped. If the craft that we are going to make requires only one color, at this stage of the process we can add a natural dye in order to obtain a product that does not require subsequent painting. This procedure applies to the present case. Let’s see why:

To do lamps with papier mache, very basic, but very creative, we will take a ball of expanded polystyrene foam (in Spain poliexpan, porespan, cork or white cork) and apply a layer of our papier mache paste around the balloon, leaving the north and south poles of our polystyrene balloon free.

It is important to check that these the holes are the right size, at the bottom, to support the bulb with its base without slipping, although, anyway, applying glue is a good idea.

To obtain a solid and resistant layer, it is necessary apply multiple coats. If we want our lamp to have some kind of holes, which simulate eyes, leaves or just geometric figures, before the paste dries and hardens, you can do that.

Once the paper mache layer has dried, it is necessary remove polystyrene padding, smashing it with a knife or scalpel. If we have made decorative holes in the surface of the papier mache, we must be very careful when removing all the remains of this material.

A little tip: if instead of using polystyrene, you use a inflated balloonWhen you’re done, all you need to do is blow up the ball and that’s it. Why didn’t I come up with this idea from the start? There are two reasons. With the polystyrene balloons we can get different shapes (perfect circumference, oval, elongated), a possibility that balloons do not allow us.

With an inflated balloon, be very careful when moment of mass applicationbecause excessive force can cause the ball to burst. Likewise, if we want to make holes, we will not be able to make them until the mass has hardened and we have removed the ball, which, of course, represents a greater difficulty.

When you already have your paste dry and hard, and you removed the fillingEither way, you can do the finishing touches. Opening holes, painting, decorating …

How To Make Paper Mache Lamps »Useful Wiki Ceiling Lights

The ceiling lights are very attractive and they give an air of elegance to any place we use them. Usually these types of lamps get their lighting from a bulb already installed in the room. Therefore, the process may be a little different.

How To Make Paper Mache Lamps »Helpful Wiki Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are ideal for creating intimate environments and staff in the living room of the house. With papier-mâché, we can make the exterior of the lamp with the shapes and patterns that our creativity suggests.

How To Make Paper Mache Lamps »Useful Wiki Bedside Lamp

We dedicate the last part of this article to table lamps, which could well go in the bedside table in our room. Table lamps are special, due to their size, which is usually smaller than the lamps we have referred to and due to the use we usually give them.

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