How to create scary eyes that glow in the dark

Really simple to make, easy to do even for the little ones in the house. Today we bring you a video where you can know how to create ghostly eyes with a roll of paper and a lot of imagination.

Perfect for Halloween, you are sure to surprise with this decoration for the occasion. Put them in a dark corner or outside among the plants to get a spooky and spooky effect for your Halloween party!

How to make scary eyes

How had it never occurred to me? But how ?, Watch the video, you will be surprised:


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About the author of the video: DaveHax is a very successful YouTube user whose biggest hobby is creating videos with tips that make our lives easier, especially in the kitchen. If you liked this video, you will also like: How to make a spoon with a PET bottle / How to peel kiwi, mango or avocado with a glass!