how to make seedlings with rolls of cardboard

Simple and useful things, with a simple roll of toilet paper, can be easily reused in our daily life. Today we are sharing with you a tutorial made by craftsman Edson Sá, which shows us how to reuse this material for making seedlings.

The technique, to reduce and promote waste disposal, is also very effective, as the cardboard decomposes over time.

Material for making seedlings with rolls of toilet paper.

Toilet paper rolls

  • The scissors.
  • Pencil.
  • Earth.
  • Seeds.
  • Water.

Method of making seedlings with rollers.

The paper rolls are cut as we see in the image, with the idea of ​​making pieces of paper about 2 cm high at one end of the roll. Then we fold the pieces of paper inward. Thus, we will have a little pot.

how to make seedlings with rolls of cardboard1

After that, we put the earth, seeds and sprinkle them with water every day. You can also write the name of the plant to know when to sow it. You can experiment at home and try replanting seeds from the fruits and vegetables you eat. There are some vegetables and herbs that you only need to buy once, some are very easy to repel.

how to make seedlings with rolls of cardboard2

In a few days the seeds will start to germinate, then you can put this seedling roll in a larger pot or directly in the garden. It is not necessary to remove the paper to do it in the plantation, you can lay it directly on the ground.

According to the craftsman, who also maintains a blog on veganism, the technique is very effective, the proof is the pumpkin that he grows at home using the same method.

how to make seedlings with rolls of cardboard3