Storage rooms can be one of the best rooms in the house when it comes to storage. If we have a storage room, it is clear that we are going to use it to store “waste”, but that does not mean that we have to stack everything or throw it all away because in fact, it is important that everything is collected and stored. same way that we have already seen how to order a room, we want to explain now, how to make shelves for large storage rooms.

How To Make Shelves For Large Storage Rooms

the shelves They can be a great solution in the case of also having a storage room that is high, because we can hang several and with him, that all the space is always collected and that the things we want to store all fit on the shelves we put.

How To Make Shelves For Large Storage Rooms

A very good idea can be choose shelves or furniture with tiered shelves. This way we can place them near the walls, leave the interior space free of everything and get this order hits the ceiling. To do so, you can follow these steps.

The first is to have the woods or in fact the slats so that we can create our shelves. You can use for example pallets and in this way recycle the wood to transform it into shelves, but in the case of not having pallets to benefit from it, we can buy wooden slats in any DIY store, where it will also be easy to cut the slats to the desired height.


To make shelves for large storage rooms you need the following:

  • Four wooden slats of three meters.
  • Ten slats of 40 centimeters.
  • Wood screws and teeth.
  • Pencil and level.
  • Electric drill and screwdriver.


How to make storage shelves

Once we have all the material we can start take two of the four three-meter slats and you measure by marking with a pencil to be able to go through five of the ten 40-centimeter slats, so that they are all at the same distance. You have to drill the slats to be able to place them using wood screws.

So you have to repeat the same with the other two slats and the other five 40 cm slats that you left.

Once you’ve done that, you will have the sides or the structure of your shelf for the high storage room. You have to place them vertically (or standing) and face to face. Now you have to take strips of 90 centimeters and you place them on the 40cm slats that we nailed, so as to create a base (you might need about four slats per level). You have to fix these slats with screws and teeth.

Now you have to repeat this same action four times more so that you can form the shelves one by one, so that you will need to fix four 90cm strips for each level. For the last two levels of your storage shelf, you will surely need to use the ladder.

The next step will be to give the tablet some stability so that it does not move. To do this, you must place a few reinforcement panels with screws in each corner of the shelf.

Once done, you will be done with your shelving unit, but of course this project is designed to take up all the space on the walls of the storage room, so you will surely need repeat the same steps we just explained so that you can create multiple shelves with the same height and therefore that the space is always collected.

Of course we advise you Before making shelves, measure the space they will occupy well. In the case of the one we just explained to you, they are about 95cm wide each, so you have to calculate the length of the wall and from there you will know how many shelves you are going to have to form.

Shelves on the wall

How to make large storage shelves

We have explained how you can easily make shelves for a large storage room. Tall shelves with enough shelves to store everything, but another idea that comes to mind is Hang shelves directly on the wall. You can only place the shelves at the top of the storage room, so this can be a good solution because you can place the shelf at the desired height and also hang the number of shelves you want.

For this you must buy wooden boards or shelves the length and width of which match your shelves. In addition, you will also need brackets to hold the shelf.

To achieve this type of shelving, you have to draw a line on the wall to be able to make the necessary holes for hang the squares at a good distance, so that the shelf or shelf is properly supported. Depending on the length of the shelf, you may need more than two brackets, but ideally you should install at least three. If you look closely you will notice that the squares have several holes, you can take one as a reference, mark the holes and then measure the distance you will hook the next one and mark the holes again. You have to do this for each of the teams that you are going to put.

Marked the holes, you drill the wall then secure the brackets with wall screws. Before placing the screws, it may be a good idea to place a plug, to ensure that the screw is secure.

We will only have place the wooden board on the supports and then we will have a last step which will consist in making so that the holes of the square which coincide with the table, are crossed by a screw. This way we are going to make sure that our table is fixed well, so that our shelf is already finished and with it we can place all that garbage that you don’t want to see lying on the floor.