he silk paperIn the world of paper, it is as delicate as natural silk in the world of fabrics. However, it can also be used to make very beautiful crafts, as long as you have a little patience and “skill”. In this case, in DIY10 we teach you how to do flowers with tissue paper.

how to make tissue paper flowers

This colorful, fine and smooth paper, irreparably crumpled, where the fibers are noticeable, is used to make many things that require delicacy. As in this case, the tissue paper blooms. And we don’t see a better time than to learn how make silk flowers.

How to make silk flowers

The truth is that in order to make silk flowers, it takes patience and a little skill, because it is a delicate material that you can’t squeeze unless it’s really essential. The materials used with tissue paper are usually more tissue paper or a bit of yarn, as in the case of paper flowers. It’s not like paper flowers, which are much firmer.

tissue paper flowers

Follow below and find the different ways we have to do silk flowers, from the most elegant to decorate the house to the most romantic, including the perfect flowers to decorate party rooms or children’s parties.

How to make silk flowers – Poppies

We start with our videos with tutorials on how to make silk flowers with this craft to make our own poppies. A very beautiful flower that is quite simple to make with tissue paper are poppies. As you can see in the following video, to craft them you will only need a few very easy to obtain materials.

In the video you can see 3 beautiful examples to do flowers with tissue paper, but if you want to see how to do poppies go directly to minute 4.23.

How to Make Silk Flowers – Tulips

Tulips are another of the most typical flowers and you can also learn how to make them very easily with tissue paper.

In this video you have a tutorial to create your own tissue paper tulips. You can see step by step all the material you need and copy all the steps that are done in the video. If you follow the instructions, in no time you will be able to have your own bouquet of tulips to decorate one of your vases or a special corner of your home.

How to Make Silk Flowers – Carnations

The eyelets It is one of the most beautiful and elegant flowers, which has always been a symbol of romanticism, conquest and love. And of course you can also make your own carnations with tissue paper, a profession of easy to medium difficulty, in which even the little ones can participate.

In this video, you can see how to make silk carnations, for which you will only need scissors, plastic straws, tape, tissue paper and a little patience. Perhaps the hardest part of this craft is getting that fine, rough texture on the key petals while making them so special. But if you watch the steps in the following video, you will surely succeed. Do you dare with it?

How to make silk flowers – Daisies

the daisies They are one of the best known and typical wildflowers in Spanish geography, so we can find them in large quantities in fields and meadows, growing freely. Few people notice them and their beauty. We see them as such a common and typical flower that it doesn’t even attract attention anymore. And the truth is that it is a beautiful flower in its simplicity. Without a doubt, a simple flower that can be made in different sizes, colors and with more or less petals. Daisies always look great at parties and depending on the design you can make one more or less striking.

Try to make them in different colors and make a whole bouquet that you can even give. It is not the most original flower in the world, but daisies are still one of the most beautiful flowers in their simplicity and frequency.

How to Make Silk Flowers – Lotus Flower

Like the famous Spanish rock band “Héroes del slencio”, you can also have your own lotus flower, although in this case it is not a song, but a lotus flower made of tissue paper, ideal for decorating Rooms Zen style.

To learn how to make a lotus flower out of tissue paper, you just need to follow the instructions in this tutorial, and in less time than you think you have achieved, if you have a little patience and are a little skillful .

How to Make Silk Flowers – Lily

Without a doubt, you have to have a little skill to be able to handle tissue paper and make this type of flower, much more, because you use techniques that you may not be used to. Either way, if you are already used to working with tissue paper and this beautiful flower encourages you, here is the following video to guide you.

But don’t worry, everything with patience is coming, so challenge yourself and try to make these lilies and you will see how much more satisfying the result is than with a simpler flower.

How to Make Silk Flowers – Hyacinths

These precious hyacinths cried out to be immortalized. Fortunately, with tissue paper you can make hyacinths in any color to invade the house with their subtle colors, fun shapes, and all in tissue paper. The process of making hyacinths is not difficult, but there are certain stages that we can choke on. The most important is when making and gluing the flower petals along the stem. You need to glue it diagonally, slowly descending the rod. In the following video, you can surely see better what we mean.

It is a craft that has hidden difficulties, and it can be difficult for us to do it with tissue paper, due to the delicacy of making the petals. The good news is that in order to try to make hyacinths with tissue paper you will obviously only need tissue paper, a pair of scissors, a wooden stick (like those used for Moorish skewers. ) and glue.

How to Make Silk Flowers – Roses

If you want to surprise your guests, this is the tissue paper roses, because they not only look like roses, but also very carefully. It might take a while, but it’s worth it when you see the result.

They aren’t exactly overly realistic roses, but they do have an original and distinctive touch. Also, the good thing about roses is that they are very versatile and are used for all kinds of occasions and decorations, especially if you are looking for a romantic and elegant atmosphere.

How to Make Silk Flowers – Giant Flowers

In this case, we are going to see how to make giant flowers, similar to pom poms, ideal for birthday parties and for decorating children’s environments.

Take a look at the video and find out how you can do giant flowers with tissue paper. Don’t worry, they are quite easy to make and add a special vibe to children’s party decorations.

How to Make Silk Flowers – Mini Carnations

Before showing you a video with which you can learn how to make paper carnations. In this case we come back to this pretty flower to teach you this tutorial to make mini-carnations, a more “cute” variant of this flower. To make these mini eyelets, you only need tissue paper in the color you prefer. If you choose pastel colors, you can still have these easy-to-prepare carnations for any occasion. You can watch this video, to see how the mini eyelets are made step by step.

How to Make Silk Flowers – Bouquet of Roses

To do this, we will learn how to make simple roses using tissue paper. We’re used to seeing roses made out of petals, but this time we’ll do it more simply. We only need tissue paper in long strips about one meter long and about seven centimeters wide. If you want to see how roses are made, take a look at the following video which will explain it to you in detail.

How to Make Silk Flowers – Colorful Flowers

We need 8 “x 8” colored tissue paper. We are going to use several colors, so it must not go below five colors. But we also can’t put so many layers because otherwise we won’t be able to fold it easily. The colors you choose already depend on your taste.

With these videos that you saw, you came across different silk flowers, you can decorate your home, decorate vases, children’s clothes, organize activities with the children and even decorate gift bags.

As you can see there are many options to perform silk flowers, almost as many as there are species in nature. For this reason, your craft already depends on your taste or who you want to give it to.

In any case, we recommend start small, with simple and straightforward designs, and don’t be frustrated if the first few times you don’t get what you want. Not everyone has the same ability but we assure you that with a little practice and patience, there will be few designs that stand up to you over time. In addition, these are perfect crafts to do with little ones, especially with the girls who are the ones who like it the most about flowers and decoration.

On our side that’s all, we hope that the article will have helped you and that you will take it into account for future jobs. Finally, we leave you some links that could be of interest to complete the information contained in the article.

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