How to make snowflakes from plastic bottles

A new Christmas ornament made from recycled material, an ornament of great originality and very simple to make. You can use it to make both a snowflake and a Christmas star, adapting the decoration according to one or the other.

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You have the materials that we’ll need in the picture, all simple materials that many of you will already have in your home.

snowflake with PET bottle1

Snowflakes with PET bottles are made in a very simple way, using the bottom part of the PET bottle which is shaped like a flower.

snowflake with PET2 bottle

A selective cut of the lower part will reveal a fantastic shape of the bottle which we will turn into a snowflake for our Christmas tree.

snowflake with PET3 bottle

With a sharp cutter we will cut the part. Don’t worry, if you mess up, try another bottle. Unfortunately, in our society, this is not a rare item.

snowflake with PET bottle4
snowflake with PET bottle5

Once cut, we need to put a small ring of thread or, failing that, a piece of string or rope, which will allow it to be hung on the tree, but we will do this after painting. So as not to accidentally stain it.

snowflake with PET8 bottle

Then comes the decoration. We will use an acrylic or glass type paint, it is important to have an organic coloring.

snowflake with PET bottle

Children can help with homework as it is a very simple annuity. You can decorate many trees with little work.

snowflake with PET bottle6

Let’s go !!!

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