If you have a house with a small porch or a patio with a path that leads to the main entrance, why not take advantage of solar lighting? The idea is durable, inexpensive, relatively simple to put into practice and, on top of that, it will add to the aesthetics of your property, with options to play with different colors that will brighten up the area and create a striking effect. We show you how to create this solar system in four easy steps.


1st step: Perform tests on the path of light.

Before you start working with this project, a good option will be to run some tests to see if the effect it would have when finished is what you are looking for. To do this, choose the containers or pieces of glass in which the lights will be placed. Dig as many holes as there are lights in the patio, pour sand over them and place the glass pieces so that they protrude slightly from the ground. If you like the effect, keep reading.

2nd step: Choose and install solar lighting.

For this project, it was decided to acquire solar umbrella lights, which can be purchased in DIY stores or online. This solution was chosen because the solar panel could be separated from the lights and because the batteries led to six independent LED light points. With this it was possible to limit the difficulty of the project and the necessary equipment for it.

Once you have purchased this equipment, place the sign where you think it will be exposed the most to the sun, as long as it is not too far from the road. Be sure to extend the wiring for the panel connection and place the battery in an inconspicuous place.

Step 3: Condition the lighting.

Open the solar lights and remove the panel inside. Next, make sure to extend the three connecting cables long enough to cover the distance between the panel and the location where the body will be mounted. Now focus on the body of the lamps, where you will need to unsolder the LEDs and replace them with at least six inches of cable, which later you will need to seal with epoxy.

Once you’ve made sure it works, it’s time to move on to the glass pieces. In the corner of each one, mount an LED of the color you chose and secure it with glue before coating it with epoxy.

4th step: wiring.

Make a sign in the areas of the path where you will place the coins and measure the distance between them and the solar light boxes. Cut the appropriate cables to cover this distance, and for safety add an extra yard. Then strip the wires at their ends and solder each of them to the pieces of glass. Be sure to solder or coat any loose wires with epoxy or silicone.

Following the same mechanism as for the initial tests, dig the holes in the areas you marked as points for the location of the lights. Cover the bottom with sand and install the pieces of glass. In addition, you will need to create small channels between the different lights through which the wiring will pass. When you are done, you will need to solder each of the wires coming from the pieces of glass to the ones you installed in the light boxes.

With this, you will just have to bury all the cables and let your path equipped with solar lights do the rest.

Full project instructions: instructables.com

Here is a commercial version:

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