Star Wars snowflakes with recycled paper

Enjoy this new set of Star Wars themed snowflakes. With paper (always recycled), a sharp cutter and a lot of patience, you can get a very original decoration. A very economical and ecological decoration, which is why we will always use recycled paper.

You can download the individual templates needed to create these fantastic snowflakes in PDF format by clicking on the links under each name. Or download all models at once in this page.

Model Boba Fett

Boba Fett model – Stormtrooper.

Model Darth Vader

Model dark Vador – C-3PO

Slave Leia model

Slave Leia Template – Tie Interceptor.

Tie Fighter Attack Model

Tie Fighter Attack Model – Captain Rex.

TIE fighter model

Model TIE HunterPrincess leia.

Model Yoda

Yoda Models – BB-8.

The idea comes from the graphic designer Anthony herrera. Herrera started designing her own snowflakes a few years ago and just launched her 2015 collection.

In this video you can quickly see the instructions:


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