Anytime you want it and more if you do it yourself. We’re talking about accessories and more, about bags that are now more fashionable than ever. The t shirt yarn bags, this fabric you see is becoming more and more popular and attracting many followers as it allows many shapes, colors and styles.

how to make t-shirt yarn bags

In DIY10 we will show you how to make yarn bags for t-shirt from scratch, with the help of some videos and our clarifications. If you are interested in fashion and want to learn how to make this wonder of bags, keep reading and stay with us. Don’t miss the opportunity to show the world the talent you saved to make your own t-shirt yarn bags.

How to make t-shirt yarn bags

First, explain that fabric is fabric that looks a lot like rag. As you already know, when we make rags with the shirts, we just make them in shreds and we already have a dust cloth.

The fabric is as if I took the idea of ​​this T-shirt fabric, made it into strips and joined them together until I made a full skein. For this reason, it is called thread. But don’t think it’s rough fabric and made from old t-shirts. Not at all, because it has bright colors and they are perfect for a bag.

When we go to handle the fabric, it’s like when we use wool to knit. We need knitting needles or in some cases crochet needles to make bags with the t-shirt yarn but in the crochet style.

Then we will see a video on how to make a simple bag, to stay with the wave of how the fabric is used in a basic way.

As you can see it is very simple and you will surely want to start trying to do something for real. Keep reading below and you will see which bags we have for you.

How to Make T-Shirt Yarn Bags – Aquamarine Green

Perfect any time of the year. If you make a t-shirt yarn bag in this color, then you can’t stay there, because you will have to make it to your friends anyway, because it will be so beautiful that you won’t want to stop making them.

How To Make T-Shirt Yarn Bags – With Fringes

Fringes are more and more popular every day and for this reason we cannot leave them behind fringes to create a modern and most attractive bag so that you can show your own bag on the streets of your city.

How To Make Yarn Bags For T-Shirts – Simple

For those who want to make a sack of wool for a t-shirt but have to start something slower or else they will lose. nothing happens, with this simple video you can learn how to make a simple t-shirt yarn bag. From there, you can venture into other experiences.

How to Make T-Shirt Yarn Bags – Going Out

A bag for going out to party or with friends is always necessary and if it can be in addition to an original bag where you can show others the talent you need to make t-shirt yarn bags also modern. Don’t be afraid to show off how cool you are. When you master this bag, feel free to make it in different colors, to always go hand in hand.

How to make yarn bags for t-shirt – handbag

A little more elegant and discreet. A small handbag for when we go on a trip and need our other bag to have our things neatly packed. A bag like this, which will serve as a toiletry bag or to store papers or other things, is ideal. You can also use it to eat there.

How to Make T-Shirt Yarn Bags – Round

We love this bag. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to show you how to make woolen t-shirt bags and show you the fun shapes they can have. It is very fashionable to see round bags and you can also see it with the fabric.

How To Make Yarn Bags For T-Shirt – Shoulder Bag

This bag can be used as a backpack or as a shoulder bag, the question is how is it made? It looks so practical and also so cute that it makes you want to have more than one. It looks perfect for field trips and thanks to its fabric it will be comfortable to wear. When you master the technique, feel free to do it in different colors.

In the following video we show you how to make this shoulder bag or backpack that will be so convenient for your daily life.

How to Make T-Shirt Yarn Bags – Large Wallet

Each time you see more at weddings that women go through shoulder bags, handbags, bags. They start to carry large wallets and there is no such thing as a large wallet. It is very comfortable and it is really able to adapt to a wedding. And since you can make them yourself, you can have a different portfolio for each event.

How To Make Wool Bags For T-Shirts – Zigzag

A fun and different design. Just because it’s fabric doesn’t mean it can only be intertwined and let the color say it all. With a little experience and practice, you can make bags that are much more complete and worked like this one, which manages to grab attention with its design.

How to make wool bags for t-shirts – Chloe

As you already know, Chloé bags feature a large flap, large clasp, and they usually put lots of fringes in many of their designs. In one of them, people focused a lot and it’s on her pale pink fringe bag. But not everyone can afford it, so a cheaper version is the t-shirt yarn version and it’s a blast.

This is the first video. Looked.

In the second video, we can see how the bag ends so that it closely resembles this company’s line and has an enchanted, understated and striking touch at the same time.

How To Make Wool Bags For T-Shirts – XL

Whether for the beach, to go on a trip, to be at home, the case that the XL bags have come and not yet left. Some of us appreciate it because there is so much to save. With this XL t-shirt yarn bag you will be an eye-catcher.

How to Make T-Shirt Yarn Bags – With Flowers

It’s time to start something new. What do you think if we start to decorate the bag? If you really want it to have your personal touch, dare to put flowers or other decorations there that you can knit, crochet or t-shirt…. Then we add them to the simple bag and turn it into a real wonder.

Wool bags for original t-shirts

In addition to everything that we have explained to you, and shown with these videos, t-shirt yarn bags, you will surely find the one that you are going to want to make yourself, but we have looked at some designs or patterns that are maybe traditional or something classic so we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to also talk about the original t-shirt wool bags.

To do this, we can watch videos in which the t-shirt yarn bag that they teach us to make, also adds the fact that place one or two strips of leather so that the handle for example is not the same. In this way you can make a bag like this that we are showing you now, which, made on a mesh, adds leather handles to allow you to show a basket-type fabric bag, which escapes what we usually see.

Another option for you to carry an original fabric bag will be mix the knitted fabric with another material or fabric.

In this way you can make yourself a woolen t-shirt bag like this other model that we see in the video which shows us in a spectacular way how we can make a pretty T-shirt yarn bag but also in leather.

T-shirt yarn bag patterns

On the other hand, we also want to talk about models for t-shirt yarn bags. The truth is that there is nothing like being guided by YouTube videos to know what kind of t-shirt yarn bags can be made, but we can also follow. template ideas.

Therefore, you can make a drawing or the pattern makes it classic and in which t-shirt yarn is the main protagonist of your bag. You can also add for example a closure with crochet balls for example.

You can also choose a pSimple t-shirt yarn bag template, but also the sewing of a metal chain for the handle. This way you can go out a bit of the more classic and it can be a suitable bag for example, to attend a wedding.

Or as I mentioned before, you can select a T-shirt yarn bag model in which other fabrics are also combined. A clear example would be the video seen before with the leather part on the top, although we could choose another type of bag such as one of the Thread and denim t-shirt or one of fabric and mesh.

These t-shirt yarn bags are the cane and we think they have come to stay or that’s what we hope, because thanks to these bags one can be very creative and get the bag of his dreams out of nothing go.

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