Toys with recycled materials

By making toys with recycled materials, you activate your children’s creativityYou respect the environment and also educate the little ones.

There are many projects you can do with recycled materials. In this opportunity we will give you three good ideas Don’t miss it!

Toys with recycled material

The little ones in the house will love these toys, but also They will have a great time while they help you make them. Three ideas that will fascinate you.

Alien ship.

To make this beautiful boat, you need to get a box of cheese or cookies, as well as a plastic egg cup. Popsicle sticks, a cork stopper and multicolored paints.

It’s very easy to do, cut the egg cup by making a hole the size of the box to make the booth. Then place it in a part of the cookie jar. Then make four holes with a utility knife in the other part of the box.

The next step is to place a pallet in each hole like the legs of the ship. Then paint it green with the cap and draw the eyes and mouth of the alien, then put it inside the ship.

Then put each piece together and decorate with designs in different colors.

Stone dominoes.

If you are going to a river or a beach, maybe picking up some flat stones can help you make a traditional toy for your children. This domino is very fun and easy to do.

You need 28 medium sized flat stones, then paint them black or white, then let them dry, then start making pints from double white to double six.

Cork snake.

A funny snake in motion. You need several caps of the same size, a needle, also a string and a cutter.

It’s simple to do, the first thing to do is to open a hole with the cutter towards the stoppers to pass the string.

Then, tie a knot at the end of it so that the snake does not disarm itself. At the end, place a stopper with the knot in a hole that you will make as a mouth and you will leave a little while pretending to be the tongue.

Finally paint the eyes and nose of the snake and voila.

Three beautiful toys with recycled materials very easy to obtain.

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